Building a Global Learning Culture

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Articles, Event Slides

Building a learning culture that impacts individual and business performance is the holy grail of most L&D leaders. How do we shift the mindset of business leaders and learners- especially when they are scattered around the globe?

How do we transition from delivering online courses to creating an environment that stimulates sharing, communication and learning as a matter of course?  

In this session, first delivered at Learning Technologies February  2016, Laura Overton draws on insights from over 600 L&D leaders in the latest Towards Maturity Benchmark Study and Anne Watson HR director of CCL Industries (previously Worldmark) shared practical lessons learned from the implementation of their award winning Academy programme.

How to build a global learning culture – Top Tips from the session:

  • Start with buy-in at the top: engage with the board continually
  • Develop meaningful relationships with IT: bound by a common cause
  • Keep it really simple: address one business problem at a time in a clear, simple way
  • Changing behaviour: be persistent, use video messaging and interviews to get the message across that you want to communicate
  • Be ready to take risks – move on if it fails

View the slides from this session below:

How CCL Industries transformed learning and business culture

Use these award winning stories to stimulate more ideas and discussion:

Going Deeper

Explore ideas from the research referenced in this session:


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