Make an Impact in 2016: Starting with LT16

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If you want to know how to make an impact in 2016 – check out what Towards Maturity are up to at Learning Technologies.

Despite the fact nine out of ten learning professionals are looking to transform learning culture and improve business agility, productivity and employee engagement, fewer than three in ten are making significant progress.

That’s why 2016 is the year for L&D teams to turn aspirations into reality – and we’re here to help you #MakeItHappen – starting at Learning Technologies 2016.

Take one look at that hashtag on Twitter and you’ll see that it is chock-full of motivational quotes, resources, articles and more – people want to make the most of 2016 and the rest of their lives, but no one seems to be spurring L&D teams on with practical resources to help them turn their goals into reality.

So we decided to take action – this year, we’ll be facilitating special events and curating unique resources that will provide L&D leaders with insight, vision, direction and strategy. It’s always been our mission to help learning professionals take action where it counts, but this year we’ll be taking it up a level.

On 3-4 February, we’ll be exhibiting on stand H21 and running the LT Exchange, where you can meet and discuss key topics with a fantastic host of speakers from the conference. This is a great opportunity to air your questions, opinions and experiences with experts on hand to listen and provide feedback. It’s also a great way to meet new people, so book a place!

#MakeItHappen: Make a Commitment to FOCUS

Is 2016 the year of action for you and your team? If so, which of these areas will you commit to focusing on?

Our commitment back to you is a host of resources – we’re curating and sharing our insights, tips and success stories from everything we’ve done with organisations around the globe to inspire, equip and help you go deeper. We encourage you to ‘Work out loud’ by asking questions, reflecting on progress, sharing ideas and encouraging your peers in our LinkedIn group New Learning Benchmarks or at one of our face-to-face Sector Benchmark Groups in the UK. You can also follow us and feedback on Twitter at @Towards Maturity or look for our tweets under #MakeItHappen. We’d love you to join us on the way!

Check out these seminars, where we provided practical takeaways:

How to Make a Lasting Impact in 2016: Top Tips for L&D Leaders 

with Laura Overton, Founder and CEO of Towards Maturity

Join this power-packed session for practical tips taken from research on the world’s top performing L&D teams that will help you to:

  • Connect with business
  • Engage your customers
  • Embrace Change
  • Prioritise actions

(Day 1, 16:15 – Theatre 3  |  Day 2, 15:30 – Theatre 12)

10 insights for engaging with learners

with Paolo Lenotti, Filtered and Marnie Threapleton, Towards Maturity

At the end of 2015, Filtered and Towards Maturity ran a global study to understand what motivates learners to learn and why they invest externally. What is important to them? What impact does this have on internal L&D provision? What can we learn to influence the change in learning culture towards more self-directed learning that we seek?

This fast-paced session will tell you what technology choices they are making; when they prefer to learn; what’s their willingness to curate and share knowledge; who influences their learning choices and what support they need. So if you are talking about mobile, social, 702010, learning design, games, rewards, recognition, certification or accreditation, the insights are here.

(Day 1, 12:30 – Theatre 4  |  Day 2, 15:30 – Theatre 12)

Learning and Performance On the Move: How Do We Support the Mobile Worker?

with Dr Genny Dixon, Towards Maturity

This session draws on new data and explores practical ideas drawn from top performing learning and development teams to help L&D leaders address the following:

  • How has mobile learning increased since our last study in 2013? The implications for the business, its people and for L&D
  • How to harness the technologies in our worker’s hands: thinking beyond the mobile as a means of accessing learning resources
  • Supporting performance and why mobile first could be missing the point
  • Overcoming the pitfalls: addressing the barriers to mobile learning

(Day 1, 11:00 – Theatre 11  |  Day 2, 12:30 – Theatre 2)

Download our Ultimate Guide to LT16 for our pick of the show

So much on offer…where do you start? Download our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies 2016 to make the most of LT16.

This year’s guide includes an overview of the best resources, seminars and workshops, as well as where to get connected and what’s happening that you might not have known about…

Download our Ultimate Guide
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