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Add these books to your Christmas list if you are looking for insights and inspiration to take you and your L&D strategy into 2016.

Here are some last minute stocking fillers penned by our wonderful Towards Maturity Supporters for all L&D proessionals looking to push the boundaries of L&D in 2016! Do feel free to share!

Real Learning
Jay Cross 

Jay’s lasting legacy to the L&D industry is to inspire us to learn in all circumstances. In his last book – Real Learners- he has created the missing manual for do-it-yourself learners-  a do-it-yourself program that can equip us to become better learners and to help us help our staff do the same.

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Revolutionize LnD
Clark Quinn

We’ve been so inspired by Clark’s work over the last few months as we’ve shared speaking platforms with him in Vegas, Sydney, Singapore and Berlin. It’s clear that existing training and development practices need a major overhau and his book Revolutionize Learning and Development not only explains why but also how. If you want a straightforward look at how people really learn and are looking for practical steps for rethinking, redesigning, and reestablishing learning delivery then make sure this is on your reading list this Christmas.

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The Learning Challenge
Nigel Paine

We love the Learning Challenge – it helps practitioners to make sense of the impact that technology, innovation and change are having on the learning function in their organisations. It has been written to be a core part of any learning leader’s toolkit and we especially love the 10 characteristics of learning leaders (page 37) and the brilliant case studies.

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Modern Workplace Learning
Jane Hart

This book by Jane Hart is packed with practical advice and guidance to help L&D transform their workplace learning practices both through the provision of modern training content and the promotion and support of continuous, everyday learning in their organisation. It is supported by a wonderful community and plenty of hands on tools.

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Webinar Master
Don Taylor

I have had the privilege to personally learn so much from Don as we’ve prepared literally dozen’s of webinars for the LSG over the years. His new e-book now makes all that expertise and experience available to everyone with tips, checklists, technical advice, and myriad other resources, Webinar Master is a one-stop guide to producing compelling, well-structured content that keeps audiences engaged.

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More than Blended Learning
Clive Shepherd

One for all you instructional designers and learning leaders who know that there is more to blended learning than an eLearning classroom sandwich. Clive takes you through how to prepare a great experience that has lasting impact on behaviour and attitude. The models are easy to follow and the practical case studies bring it all to life!

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70:20:10 – Towards 100% Performance
Charles Jennings, Jos Arets and Vivien Heijnen

70:20:10 requires a change in mindset, because instead of relying solely on learning, it shifts the emphasis towards performing. It highlights the original purpose of the human resources development profession, which is to help people and organisations to perform better.

This doesn’t happen on its own. The paradigm shift requires L&D professionals to adopt a new set of roles, because if you keep on with business as usual, of course nothing will change.

This book is about how you can improve the performance of people and organisations by using 70:20:10, and how it changes the role of the L&D professional.

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Embracing Change: Improving Performance of
Business, Individuals and the L&D Team
Towards Maturity

Finally, if you haven’t seen our landmark report yet, this is a must-read. And it’s free!

Embracing Change is not ordinary research report! It explores the factors that set top performing learning companies apart and the evidence your business leaders need to back you all the way!It provides not only a vision for the future of workplace learning, but also provide everyone in L&D with a route map to take the next step towards embracing change and implementing a more effective modernised learning strategy.

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Do you have any Christmas reading suggestions?

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Top Tips for Building Habits

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