Learn from Top Deck Companies at Learning Technologies 2016

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Several Top Deck Learning companies are sharing at Learning Technologies this year – learn from the best!

The Learning Technologies conference is a great place to pick up hints and tips from great learning leaders from round the globe. This year, the conference programme is focused on Learning Technologies, learning transformation, who’s in charge and is packed with great stories.

Learning from Top Deck Learning Organisations

We are thrilled to see many top performing learning leaders from the Towards Maturity Benchmark sharing their stories:

  • Dave Buglass from Tesco Bank, who wrote the foreword of this year’s Benchmark Embracing Change, will challenge us to forget the L&D hype and focus on the learner.
  • Brian Murphy, Citibank, will be joining Charles Jennings and Kate Evans to consider the challenges that the 70:20:10 framework poses for L&D (and how to overcome them)
  • Sunder Ramachandran from Pfizer will be exploring with Clive Shepherd how our roles as L&D professionals need to change.

We’ve found that Top Deck learning organisations are often achieving many benefits that most of us just aspire to so this is a great chance to learn directly from them!

Building a global learning culture

Specifically, Laura Overton will be hosting an interactive session with Top Deck organisation Worldmark.

The Worldmark Academy is a global eLearning initiative, bringing learning and development to employees in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The Academy was introduced to develop that learning culture in the business, to bring learning to all parts of the organisation and to provide opportunities for personal development for everyone. The aim of the academy was clear: to retain staff, improve performance in the workplace, change behaviour linked to company values, identify future leaders and provide a consistent approach to management development.

Building a learning culture that impacts individual and business performance is the holy grail of most L&D leaders. How do we shift the mindset of business leaders and learners — especially when they are scattered around the globe? How do we transition from delivering online courses to creating an environment that stimulates sharing, communication and learning as a matter of course?

Stuart Miller, Global IT Director and Anne Watson, Global HR Director will be joining Laura to draw on  insights from over 600 L&D leaders in the latest Towards Maturity survey and the practical experience of the IT and HR director of Worldmark who worked together to deliver an award-winning programme. The session will consider:

  • How to get started
  • How to get the Board on board
  • How to win the hearts and minds of a global workforce
  • How to create hooks that deliver long lasting change
  • How to demonstrate value

The session will take place on 4th february at 13.50


Find out more about the full Learning Technologies conference programme and book your place – we look forward to seeing you there!

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