Embracing change: What are people already saying about the 2015 Industry Benchmark Report?

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Articles

We’ve curated some of the first reaction statements to the 2015-16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report.

“Towards Maturity offers a truly international service across 50 countries worldwide and moves beyond the confines of learning technology to promote a whole new approach to workplace learning.” Clive Shepherd

Clive Shepherd, a long standing supporter of the Towards Maturity Benchmark, attended a pre-launch VIP preview in October and his post on the findings ‘Are L&D stuck in the Mud?’ has already stimulated debate!
  • People are empowered as never before, through their ever-present mobile devices, to explore, share, learn and develop.
  • Those employers who can re-shape themselves to take advantage of this opportunity will find themselves pushing against an open door.
  • Compliance has so damaged e-learning that I fear its reputation is now damaged beyond repair.
  • I’m sure Towards Maturity would love to report huge progress year on year, but it just isn’t happening.

“It’s always good to know whether you’ve missed some seismic shift in the landscape and for many of our colleagues this benchmark report is our annual Geiger counter.” Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison at City & Guilds Kineo has already worked through the report – his review explores the key themes that have caught his attention:

  • Organisations who were good last year not only continue to get better but are leaving the rest of the pack behind.
  • Learners are out of sync with L&D professionals, in terms of what they want and what they seem to get.


High Performing learning organisations report a 12% improvement in productivity, 21% improvement in employee engagement and 16% reduction in costs. 

This review by DPG plc highlighted that whilst the top performers are doing well in L&D, there are lessons to be learned:

  • Over two thirds (70%) of L&D teams are failing to improve business productivity
  • L&D needs to be consumer led – to put learners’ needs and preferences at the heart of the learning culture and the solutions that L&D provide.

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