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Driving Performance in a Knowledge Economy: The Secret Sauce for People Professionals

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Articles

In the new world of business, continual learning is essential for organisational and individual success. HR and L&D have a critical role to play. But are we ready?

This session presented by Laura Overton at [email protected] 2015 in Sydney, explored insights gained from top performing HR and L&D teams around the world to challenge and redefine the future role of people professionals and how we can step up to the opportunities ahead. View these slides to see how fresh evidence from the world’s largest benchmark programme can help:

  • Challenge long-held assumptions about learning and work
  • Establish a new reputation for building business value
  • Break down the silos between business, HR and learning
  • Rule technology rather than have technology rule you
  • Equip your people professionals as agents of change

Go to https://towardsmaturity.org/2015benchmark download Towards Maturity’s Industry Benchmark Report.

View the slides from this keynote below:


Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Benchmark

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Benchmark.

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