Why Do You Benchmark Your Training Activities? 10 L&D Pros Share Their Reasons

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Articles

With less than two weeks to go before this year’s benchmark study closes, we looked at why L&D professionals chose to participate.

We think the answers make a great case for taking part – the 2015 Benchmark is now closed, so if you haven’t done so yet, check out these great quotes and compare your strategy in our Benchmark Centre:

“Getting insight from how we benchmark against different organisations and our own industry is critical so that we can utilise the findings to develop what we do.”

¬ Jane Daly, Head of Head Office Learning & Development at Marks & Spencer,


“It is useful to review what we were doing against somebody else’s checklist. The thought process was very powerful and it got us thinking about different issues.”

¬ Hesketh Emden, Head of Training, Development & Leadership (Talent), NHS Property Services


“Being new to e-learning, it was really important for us to understand where to focus our time and attention. Benchmarking has really helped us accelerate our journey.”

¬ Jason Pitfield, LV=


“We use benchmarking to see where we are as a function. We didn’t realise just how useful the benchmarking process would be.”

¬ Matt Brewer, Chubb Insurance


“It’s a good time to stop and look at what went well and build on that. And to look at what worked less well and change it.”

¬ Theresa Martin, Capita Employee Benefits


“It has helped me focus on the things we are doing really well and to celebrate them.”

¬ Zoe Ferdinand, Learning Technology Manager, Capita Employee Benefits


“The questions would appear to form the best ever best practice guide!”

¬ Design Manager, finance firm, UK


“Sometimes, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’…this has helped with that!”

¬ Director L&D, logistics firm, USA


“I needed to know how we shaped up as a function against the outside world. I saw potential for development but wasn’t clear how to approach that as a strategy so it seemed sensible to me to look at where the evidence existed in the outside world.”

¬ Niall Gavin, Group Head of Technology Assisted Learning, FirstGroup plc


“The results reassured us that we were going in the right direction as an organisation and has highlighted some things that need to be done differently.”

¬ Rachel Faulkner, L&D manager at Warwickshire County Council


Review your L&D strategy and see how you compare with peers around the world with the Towards Maturity Benchmark:

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