Two Award-Winning L&D Leaders Share Their Insight on Benchmarking

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Interviews

Jane Daly (M&S) and Hesketh Emden (NHS Property Services) tell us how the Towards Maturity Benchmark impacted their L&D strategies.

Jane Daly, Head of Head Office Learning & Development at Marks & Spencer, shares her insights on how the Towards Maturity Benchmark can help L&D professionals gain the evidence they need to continue building their strategy and make gains from what others are doing successfully.

Hesketh Emden, Head of Training, Development & Leadership (Talent) at NHS Property Services, shares his experience of using the Towards Maturity Benchmark to reflect on his current strategy and prioritise future developments.

“…Definitely do it, because at the very least, it will get you thinking differently – and at the very best, it will get you thinking about, ‘How can I actually move forward and start to embed this knowledge in the wider learning and development strategy moving forwards?’ 

Formed in 2013, NHS Property Services Ltd manages, maintains and improves NHS properties and facilities, working in partnership with NHS organisations to create safe, efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare and working environments. NHS Property Services has responsibility for 4,000 buildings – worth over £3 billion – which were previously owned, leased or managed by Primary Care Trusts and strategic health authorities.

With the creation of NHS Property Services, many different roles across different locations in the UK were brought under one umbrella. This included office-based staff as well as hospital-based functions encompassing cleaners, caterers, porters, maintenance, engineers and surveyors. Hesketh’s role included setting up training, management development, commercial training and appraisals across this new organisation.

However, with 3,200 staff from 161 NHS organisations, where do you start? With staff from 161 organisations you’re potentially looking at 161 different ways of doing everything and 161 different cultures – so creating a stream-lined, unified L&D solution was paramount.

Hesketh is delivering a conference session about this at the forthcoming World of Learning event – Developing an effective learning strategy with a limited budget and limited resources. 


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