Towards Maturity Goes Global for 2015

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See our planned international dates coming up, with Laura Overton presenting on a variety of topics and challenges around the globe.

Since 2003, Laura Overton and the research team have been tracking the progress of L&D professionals as they seek to modernise learning and deliver results in an ever-changing work environment. When Towards Maturity was founded in 2008, we noticed that our international audience started growing and responding the research that was published, with an increasing number of Benchmark participants also coming from across the globe, comparing their L&D strategy against others with a large variety of organisation sizes, budgets, sectors and strategies.

Currently, Towards Maturity reaches over 8,000 active community members, with just over half of those based in the UK. With an ever-growing international audience, we want to ensure that the message we carry; the research we are doing to further the L&D industry and inform the lives of L&D professionals everywhere, gets known.

We’ve partnered with a number of conference organisers, workshop facilitators and learning providers to take our insights around the world and inspire L&D professionals everywhere:

DevLearn, 28-30 September, Las Vegas

[email protected], 27-28 October, Sydney

LEARNTech Asia, 2-5 November, Singapore

Online Educa Berlin, 2-4 December, Berlin

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DevLearn: 28-30 September, Las Vegas

Ten Hidden Secrets of Top-performing International L&D Teams

Accelerated change, moving technologies, globally diverse audiences, increasing demand. We’ve been talking about these and other pressures that senior L&D leaders face for decades. The trouble is that the pressures are not going away. Today’s L&D leaders must align learning to needs, move quickly to improve performance, and add value. They are increasingly looking to technology to help.

In this highly interactive session, you will learn what actually works and what doesn’t. Our research reaches out to over 45 nations for 10 years, but this will be the first time any of the practical findings have been presented in the United States. You will take a fresh look at the hard evidence from over 17,000 learners and 3,500 international L&D leaders. You will learn the strategies of the top-performing L&D teams around the globe and see how they are improving productivity, increasing engagement, enhancing agility, AND improving efficiency.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The critical importance of having an evidence-driven rather than a technology-driven learning strategy
  • About evidence of bottom-line business impacts that will blow the minds of your senior stakeholders
  • Direct insights from learners that will change your thinking forever
  • How your strategy really compares with your top-performing peers in the rest of the world

More information

[email protected]: 27-28 October, Sydney

Driving Performance in the Knowledge Economy: The Secret Sauce for Today’s People Professionals

In the new world of business, continual learning is essential for organisational and individual success. HR and L&D have a critical role to play. But are we ready? This session will explore insights gained from top performing HR and L&D teams around the world to challenge and redefine the future role of people professionals and how we can step up to the opportunities ahead. We will use fresh evidence from the world’s largest benchmark programme to help:

  • Challenge long-held assumptions about learning and work
  • Establish a new reputation for building business value
  • Break down the silos between business, HR and learning
  • Rule technology rather than have technology rule you
  • Equip your people professionals as agents of change

More information

LEARNTech Asia: 2-5 November, Singapore

How to Futureproof Your Learning Strategy

Organisations need to harness new models and tools to deliver learning services that are responsive to organisational and individual needs to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. In this session, Laura Overton – #1 in the Top Ten most influential people in corporate eLearning in the UK, #6 in the globe, and a widely respected author of numerous L&D benchmark studies – will share insights into what 17,000+ learners really think about learning at work, and insights from over 4000 L&D leaders around the globe, to identify what works and what doesn’t:

  • Practical tips and lessons learnt on building an L&D strategy
  • Action-planning tools to help prioritise your next steps

More information

Online Educa: 2-4 December, Berlin

Speexx Exchange – Modernising Learning: How to Get the Edge in Business

Network with senior HR and L&D peers from all over the world and a range of industry backgrounds. Gain a deep understanding of what the most successful organisations out there are doing in terms of their HR, learning and talent management strategies. Get practical ideas and best practice tips which can be implemented in the workplace right away. Witness exclusive research results and case studies which will help you drive performance in your organisation.

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A huge thank you to our Ambassadors, whose support means the Benchmark can be made free available to L&D professionals around the globe. Without them we would not have the resources to travel and present our insights to conferences, workshops and networking events this year.

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Compare your L&D strategy

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Top Tips for Building Habits

Top Tips for Building Habits

As learning professionals, we want to design interventions that lead to lasting change. Shifting behaviour involves a process that continues long after the programme finishes. Our research has shown that mature learning organisations are more successful at integrating learning and work, but they don’t abandon formal learning. One of their strategies is to design learning campaigns and programmes that build and encourage new habits.


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