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Clive Shepherd and Nigel Paine explain why L&D leaders need to benchmark

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Articles

Nigel Paine and Clive Shepherd, two of Towards Maturity’s longstanding supporters, explain the benefits of benchmarking.

In these interviews, they explain why L&D need to review their strategy and gain credible data in order to provide the evidence they need to make future impact on the business and learners in their organisation.

Why is benchmarking important for L&D leaders?

“Benchmarking in its broadest sense is learning from experience…you can’t copy what others are doing, but you can be inspired by them.” – Clive Shepherd

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Why is evidence-based decision-making important for L&D leaders?

“L&D needs to create the discipline of thinking ‘evidence’ – it changes the way we manifest ourselves in our organisation and helps us justify what we are doing and why.” – Nigel Paine

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Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Benchmark

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Benchmark.

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