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Bringing Learning to the Boardroom

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Articles

Many L&D leaders today struggle to engage the C-level in their organisations, meaning that it can be difficult to get learning on the boardroom agenda. Here are crowdsourced ideas from L&D leaders on how to use evidence more effectively to bring the subject of learning into the boardroom.

In April 2015, LEO hosted an event by Towards Maturity called ‘Increasing the value that L&D adds to business – how to open new conversations’, to help senior L&D leaders engage their organisation’s C-suite to push forward their vision for learning. More than 20 attendees joined us in London to meet others experiencing similar challenges and explore new ways to get stakeholder buy-in and use evidence to back up their ideas. Essentially we crowdsourced Ideas from L&D leaders on how to use evidence more effectively to bring learning into the board room!

One characteristic that set the top-performing L&D teams apart from their peers, both then and now, is their ability to work with the businesses to define need and embed change. However, over the last 11 years, we’ve seen that most L&D departments still struggle to articulate their vision for change and for adding value. Equally, many business leaders struggle to appreciate the potential for L&D to add business value where it really matters. This is why we were thrilled to work with our founding Towards Maturity Ambassador LEO to address this issue head on in our first interactive workshop to explore what needs to happen for L&D to open a new conversation with the C-suite.

This paper looks at the findings of the 20 participants at our inaugural LEO workshop and also incorporates the input of 90 additional L&D leaders from private, public and not-for-profit sectors across Europe that were gathered in the subsequent six weeks.

Download this collaborative resource from LEO and Towards Maturity – unlock secrets to engaging your key stakeholders and make a bigger impact with your learning and communications programmes.

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