61 Reasons to Benchmark Your L&D Strategy, Today

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61 days = 61 reasons why you need to Benchmark your L&D strategy in 2015!

It’s free to benchmark your L&D strategy with your peers during June, July until 14th August. That’s now over a 61-day window of opportunity to reflect on your L&D strategy and receive free, personalised feedback on how your approach to modernising learning compares with your peers.

The review process helps you reflect on 7 aspects of your L&D current strategy and takes about an hour the first time around (just 20 minutes to update). In 2014, 84% of participants said that the review process alone provided them with great ideas on how to take their strategy forward. If you’re sold already, get started:

If you’re wondering if it actually is worth investing 60 minutes of your time, we’ve identified 61 reasons why it’s worth using the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark:

You need your L&D strategy to be the best it can be – benchmark today:

1. The world of work is changing, the role of L&D is shifting: be the best you can be

2. Discover modern learning approaches to deliver better business outcomes, faster

3. Learn from mistakes of other L&D teams, rather than your own

4. Join the of 84% of previous benchmarkers who picked up new L&D tactics from the review process

5. Drive your strategy forward on evidence, not L&D buzzwords

You want to modernise your L&D strategy:

6. Identify gaps in your modernised learning strategy and how to fill them

7. Take control of your learning strategy, by focusing on what works

8. Get an independent perspective on your organisation’s L&D strategy

9. Close the growing L&D performance gap

10. Prioritise YOUR actions: focus on what YOU need to do to improve results

You want to make decisions based on a foundation of solid evidence:

11. The @TowardsMaturity benchmark is the only benchmark that gives free personalised feedback to help you improve L&D performance

12. Establish a baseline for your L&D strategy, then track your progress year-on-year

13. How do you score on 12 KPI’s that look at business outcomes, staff engagement and learning efficacy?

14. How do you score on 22 lead indicators that improve both individual and business performance

15. Find out where your organisation sits in comparison with the top L&D performers

16. Capture all the evidence YOU need in a free 13-page Personalised Benchmark Report worth £300

You want to build credibility with business stakeholders:

17. Become an influencer vs a course order taker – use evidence to challenge assumptions

18. Gather evidence that will challenge the thinking of your stakeholders

19. Create a case for L&D change – use benchmarking data to build a credible business case

20. Use evidence to focus attention on the value L&D brings vs the cost of courses

21. Appeal to competitive nature of leaders – compare your results and practices with industry peers

22. Use the performance of other companies to open new conversations with your stakeholders

23. Quickly gain credibility for you and your team

You want to challenge your thinking:

24. Let go of the past and establish your L&D action plans to prepare for the future

25. Focus your attention on performance outcomes, rather than learning cost/efficiency

26. Find out if classroom courses, 70:20:10, mobile or social learning will really solve your L&D Challenges

27. It could be that your experience of e-learning courses is NOT the best that technology-enabled learning can bring

28. Challenge your thinking about what employees REALLY need from L&D

You want to discover secrets of Top Performing Companies:

29. Top Deck learning companies are three times more likely to report they are increasing productivity – find out how

30. Become a top deck learning company like Marks and Spencer

31. Become a top deck learning company like Worldmark

32. Become a top Deck learning company like PriceWaterhouseCoopers

33. Become a top Performing learning company like NatCen Social Research

You want to prepare more effectively for change:

34. L&D is about supporting change, benchmarking is about getting ready for the right change.

35. Review the skills your team needs to deliver a modernised learning strategy

36. Explore how you are responding to the drivers of change in your organisation

37. Mitigate risk: What are your barriers to implementing a modernised L&D strategy and how are others overcoming them?

You want to discover practical how-to’s:

38. Use the Towards Maturity model: a proven framework of effective practice that delivers results

39. Find out how to align with your organisation’s business goals

40. Understand how to improve the impact of your learning initiatives

41. Explore the activities that lead to better blended learning

42. Learn how to align with learner needs

43. Find out how different elements of the 70:20:10 model might work for YOU

44. Explore the activities that lead to improve learner engagement

You want to learn from others:

45. Use  the wisdom of the crowd to improve the impact of learning technologies in the workplace

46. Build on experience – Towards Maturity have refined this process with 3,500 practitioners and input from industry experts since 2003

47. Learn from others’ success – avoid the bear pits

48. See how your learning initiatives compare with those of your peers

49. Learn with others: the more we benchmark together, the more we learn together

You want to build your L&D Team:

50. Use an independent framework to highlight current strengths and weaknesses

51. Do it as a team – Use the Towards Maturity Model to stimulate conversation

52. Be encouraged: you’re probably doing some things better than you think

53. Use the process to help your L&D team buy into change

You want to celebrate your successes:

54. Celebrate improvements year-on-year

55. Find out if you are a Top Peforming Learning Company (in the top 25% of your peers)

56. Find out if you are a Top Deck Learning Organisation
(in the top 10%)

57. Confidentially benchmark to find out if you have award-winning potential

You need to take time to reflect:

58. When was the last time you took an hour out to reflect on what you do in L&D?

59. Use the process to reflect on which learning initiatives are working (and which aren’t)

60. Take time to be selfish: Make time to focus on YOU and YOUR team’s performance

You don’t want to miss out!

61. It is now or never for this year: Reflect on your L&D strategy now!

Review your L&D strategy and see how you compare with peers around the world with the Towards Maturity Benchmark:

Or find out more about the Towards Maturity Benchmark

Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Health Check

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Health Check.

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