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Here’s our feature on the best events and places to connect at the LT Summer Forum.
It’s worth your time, trust us!

The Learning Technologies Summer Forum on 16th of June, London Olympia, is a great place to stop, reflect and catch up on what’s been happening since the Learning Technologies Conference in January. If you’re going, here are our top tips for making the most of the day.

(If you haven’t made up your mind on whether to go, there is still time to register!)

At Towards Maturity, as part of our 2015 Benchmark season, we’ve got our focus firmly set on providing you with resources that can help you turn great ideas into actions that will really make a difference.

Here are our recommendations for visitors looking to modernise their learning strategy in 2015.

Join Laura Overton

Laura will be running two highly interactive sessions on the day, so if you are looking for great ideas to help you connect with stakeholders, create action plans and network with each other, look no further!

The solutions gathered from Laura’s crowdsourcing session on opening new conversations with business leaders will be available soon at – please check back later!

Opening New Conversations with Business Leaders: It’s Time for Action!

Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
15:00-16:00, Track 3 (T3S3) (conference delegates only)

Aligning learning with business is the hot topic in L&D, but many business leaders still think we are there to take orders for courses. This session is for L&D leaders who are tired of thinking, ‘If only my leaders understood me’ and want to take action. It’s for the energetic and enthusiastic who want to roll up their sleeves and crowdsource pragmatic strategies that will win the toughest business hearts and minds. Together, we’ll develop a power packed approach that:

  • Builds your confidence to challenge the status quo
  • Equips you to have the toughest business conversations
  • Provides you with the credible evidence you need for change
  • Grabs the attention (and purse strings) of your stakeholders
  • Leaves your business leaders wanting more


The Last Word: Three Top Tips for Making Change Happen!
Laura Overton, Towards Maturity
16:30-17:00, exhibition (for all to attend!)

If you can only get yourself to one session at the LT Summer Forum, make sure it’s this one. Laura Overton will be reviewing the key takeaways of the day and helping you create an action plan to put ideas into action in your organisation.

Find out how to become a top performing learning company

If you are interested in becoming one of the best L&D teams around, the Learning Technology Summer forum provides a great opportunity to informally learn and benchmark with each other. But to help you apply the right lessons to YOUR organisation, we recommend that you also take part in 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark to get personalised feedback.

The TM team will be around all day on the 16th on Stand 27 to answer questions (email us to set up a time) or just ask any of our Ambassadors about how to get involved – just look for the proud to support sign!

You can find our Ambassadors at the following stands:

  • Acteon – stand 17
  • Brightwave – stand 11
  • City & Guilds Kineo -stand 28
  • Corporate e-Learning Consortium – stand 21
  • Kallidus – stand 15
  • LEO – stand 20
  • Gomo – stand 18
  • Saba – stand 9
  • Sponge – stand 8
  • Walkgrove – stand 13

Looking for more practical ideas and ‘How to’s’?

Don’t miss these free seminars on the exhibition floor.

Our Ambassadors share our values of building on, sharing and contributing to great practices that influence resuts so we strongly recommend that you take a look at some of the free seminars they are sharing.
  • Press Play: How to Integrate Games into Your E-learning
    Louise Pasterfield, Sponge UK
    11:15-11:45, Theatre 2

  • Agile Video: Learning Lessons from TV Journalism
    Jason Woodman, Acteon
    12:00-12:30, Theatre 4

  • Delivering Tomorrow’s Learning, Today
    Andrew Joly, LEO
    12:45-13:15, Theatre 1

  • This Time It’s Personal
    Meg Green and Anna Morris-Peters, Brightwave
    13:30-14:00, Theatre 1

  • Case Study: e-Learning for Behaviour Change and Service Transformation Within Transport for London
    Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Transport for London & Kallidus
    13:30-14:00, Theatre 2

  • How Toolkit for Managers and the 70:20:10 Practitioners’ Programme can Support Your Management Development
    Martin Baker, Corporate e-Learning Consortium
    14:15-14:45, Theatre 1

  • All Devices, All the Time…Responsive and Adaptive Design in Reality
    Mike Alcock, Gomo
    14:15-14:45, Theatre 3

  • Engagement and Motivation: Improving Learning Outcomes
    Lucy Hodge, Walkgrove
    14:15-14:45, Theatre 4

  • Trade Engagement Through an Extended Enterprise LMS
    Lewis John, City & Guilds Kineo
    15:00-15:30, Theatre 3

  • How Technology can Support the 70:20:10 Framework
    Ian Baxter, Saba
    15:45-16:15, Theatre 2

Remember to visit us on stand 27

If you want to find out more about how to Benchmark your L&D strategy and #BeTheBest15, don’t forget to visit us on stand 27 (we’re in the top-right corner on the floor map).

We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Forum!

Check out the full programme details here

Register here


Towards Maturity can provide personalised advice based on your benchmark report. Benchmark your strategy and connect with us at the Summer Forum:

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