#BetaData: Findings from the Latest Compliance Study

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At Towards Maturity, we like to create a buzz by sharing the latest findings. We thought you would be interested in these trends, taken the first participants in this year’s compliance benchmark.

The study is still open for a few days and there is also an option to join peers at a free workshop in London (23rd June), USA or Australia (until 14 August). Take part and be sure to tick the box at the end of the study to let us know if you would like an invite to the workshops.


Participant demographics so far:

  • 25% have responsibility for compliance
  • 37% have responsibility for L&D
  • 38% have responsibility for both

This compliance-specific benchmark is already providing inspiration: 71% said that just completing the study alone provided food for thought on the next steps of their compliance programme.

Note: These findings are an initial glimpse into the study answers – numbers may change after final analysis. The full report is due for release in Q3, 2015.


Key findings so far

High expectations, but struggling to achieve our goals

There are very high expectations about compliance training that goes beyond the tick box. All participants are looking to:

  • Manage risk;
  • Positively impact staff attitudes and values;
  • Positively impact staff behaviour

…but fewer than half believe they are making significant progress on these areas.

“I see the need for an improved emphasis on influencing a culture change, rather than just doing training for the sake of appeasing to the regulators.”

 – Training and Communication Manager, USA

How are we currently approaching compliance training?

4-in-5 are using instructor-led workshops, but participants are increasingly turning to technology to help , for example:

  • 80% use reference tools and online portals, or e-learning courses (30-40 min seat time)
  • 60% use video
  • 60% use compliance-specific Learning Management Systems
  • Only 20% use performance support tools

“We intend to utilise webinar training along with gamification, as we find this to be more engaging than e-learning.”

 – L&D Manager, UK

What are our expectations of learning technology in compliance?

  • 98% are looking to improve reporting, quality and reach
  • 96% want to improve the effectiveness of the experience, but only 30% are achieving their goals

50% have stated that user engagement is a significant barrier to change, with 40% struggling with SMEs overloading content and previous bad experience.

“[Our] main issue is bandwidth and connection. We make some content available offline and have started to explore Tin Can as a way to capture completion.”

 – Head of L&D, UK 

Hints and tips from some of our participants:

  • “Your training must be relevant to the audience – this way they will understand the importance of the topic and they’ll be able to apply lessons learned to their day-to-day work.” – Compliance and Ethics Manager, Belgium
  • “Gain buy-in and market the course during the build/development stage and include management, stakeholders and SMEs in the testing, so they are aware of the content and what is trying to be achieved.” – E-learning Co-ordinator, Australia
  • “Showing how good instructional design can add value, rather than just reproducing the policy documents in a different format, can really improve engagement and completion.” – Global Online Learning Manager, UK

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How do your compliance training programmes compare?

Take part in Towards Maturity & SAI Global’s compliance study and review your progress in 15 minutes or less with top performing compliance training teams who are delivering excellent results (reporting more engagement and fewer barriers) and create new ideas from our resource pack, which you can immediately download on completion of the review.

71% so far say that taking part has given them ideas for the future.

The final report will explore how to increase impact and decrease barriers, with specific insights on compliance training around the globe. Take part today and be the first to read it.

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The opportunity to confidentially benchmark for free has been made possible thanks to our supporter, SAI Global.
The independent study is being carried out by Towards Maturity, a not-for-profit benchmarking practice, building on their benchmark research over the last 11 years with 3,500 organisations.

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