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Evolving L&D at McDonald’s

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Case Studies

Towards Maturity and the CIPD have recently launched a new report L&D Evolving Roles: Enhancing Skills that considers the future direction of L&D and the skills that they need to get there.

The report included a number of detailed interviews including this one with Mark Reilly – Head of Corporate
Training, McDonald’s UK, Deborah Rudge – Training Consultant, McDonald’s UK and James Thorne – HR Consultant, McDonald’s UK.

McDonald’s is a leading global food service retailer, with more than 36,000 local restaurants serving approximately 69 million people, in more than 100 countries each day. In the UK, McDonald’s has over 1,250 restaurants, serving more than 3.5 million customers every day.

McDonald’s UK have introduced a new development programme designed to build performance consulting skills across the business. This is complemented by an L&D skills framework which focuses on the need to build relationships and work strategically.

Quick tips

  • Ensure that there is real business buy-in of L&D and ‘training has very much got a seat at the table’, meaning that learning is aligned to business needs.
  • It’s good for the L&D team to have a strong business connection: ‘All members of the training team in the UK have come from operations. Again, we’ve developed everyone internally within the system.’ ‘Keeping close to operations ensures you understand its rhythm, culture and priorities and you can align development initiatives more effectively so they become embedded. It’s about how you’re able to keep the two in balance.’ Mark
  • ‘I talk to my people about being a T-shaped leader. Yes, you are an L&D professional, but actually you’ve got to go across the business and understand how things come together. … If you’re thinking strategically, you can bring in lots of other things that can help support.’ Mark

To view the full case study and discover how the L&D team at McDonald’s UK acheived success, download the pdf below.

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