Is Your Compliance Training Holding You Back?

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Articles

Review your compliance training programmes in just 15 minutes or less. Get Started [This opportunity closes 12 May 2015]. Since 2012, 85% of L&D leaders are proving learning to staff to help their organisations comply with external regulations and legal requirements. 58% of those organisations are using technology to support their compliance-related training, but with variable success.

67% agree that they are achieving their goals, so on the surface, it looks like technology has been playing a positive role. However, the number of those achieving the benefits they hoped for has been static year on year. To add, it looks like L&D may have been doing more harm than good.

“Over 25% of learners say dull content is a serious barrier to their engagement with online learning.”

Although achievement of goals has remained static, the number of complaints against the way technology has been applied to the problem have been increasing, year on year. Dull e-learning courses; creating a tick-box culture monitored by an LMS, are turning our learners against us, with over 25% of learners saying that dull content is a serious barrier to their engagment with online learning. Not only that, but the negative experiences of online compliance training is starting to stifle bigger plans that L&D leaders have for modernising the L&D strategies of their organisations.

It is clear: L&D professionals are now looking for new ways to support a continuous flow of learning, to facilitate sharing of good practice; they seek to help change behaviour and create high performing individuals and organisations. Technology is a key enabler, but compliance training is often the only experience that staff have of the potential future of learning.

We can’t just sweep compliance training into a corner; we need to address the issue head on, especially when 67% of L&D professionals say that user engagement is one of their biggest struggles when it comes to delivering against their compliance objectives.

There is a better way…

In 2013, we published our first In-Focus report on Reinvigorating Compliance Training, where we shared that mature organisations were going beyond the traditional tick-box approach and were influencing real business change. These organisations are twice as likely to report that they are:

  • Positively impacting staff behaviour
  • Changing work culture
  • Improving staff attitudes and values


How do your compliance programmes compare with the best out there? (And what can you learn from them?)

For a limited period, we are opening up an opportunity for you to confidentially benchmark your compliance training strategy with your peers.

If you are responsible for compliance training and risk awareness programmes in the workplace, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. Take 15 minutes or less to review your current approach in this brief, confidential online survey and use it to reflect on your current:

  • Goals
  • Design approach
  • Implementation activity
  • Impact

Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions, they are there to help you reflect on the behaviours of the top performing organisations.

Free Resources

Once you complete the review, you can download our exclusive compliance training resource pack to help you compare your answers with the top performing organisations in compliance training.

The resource pack contains:

  • Powerful Research for an Evidence-Based Learning Strategy
  • The bottom line impact to help build the business case
  • Areas where you may need to mitigate risk
  • Top performer tips for designing compliance training
  • Top performer tips for improving engagement
  • Award-winning case studies
  • Additional resources
On top of that, you’ll also be taken to SAI Gobal’s whitepaper on dealing with conflict. We’ll also email the consolidated results of the study straight to your inbox (release due Q3 2015).

Free Compliance Workshops

To accompany this review, we’re also running a series of workshops to explore the findings in more depth. These will be held in London, USA and Australia – spaces are limited, so if you would like to learn more from your peers, please register your interest today at the end of the review.

With all these giveaways, what are you waiting for?



[This opportunity closes 15 May 2015]

The opportunity to confidentially benchmark for free has been made possible thanks to our supporter, SAI Global. Visit their site
The independent study is being carried out by Towards Maturity, a not-for-profit benchmarking practice, building on their benchmark research over the last 11 years with 3,500 organisations.

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