Creating Impact Through L&D Business Partnering

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Towards Maturity Ambassador DPG launches new L&D Business Partner programme

Effective L&D Business Partners will have a significant impact on both your organisation and on the credibility of the L&D profession, according to Towards Maturity Ambassador, DPG plc.

What impact would developing your senior L&D team into
Business Partners have on your business?

“Operating as a business partner is the first component of Towards Maturity’s Alignment Index,” said DPG Director, Bob Wagner.

“If we want to increase our credibility as a profession, we need far more L&D professionals operating as business partners, demonstrating a deep understanding of the business they serve, and aligning L&D strategy to business need. New research from CIPD and Towards Maturity shows that fewer than half of today’s L&D teams have skills in business planning, programme evaluation or stakeholder engagement.”


Here are the skills you need to be an effective L&D business partner:

   1. Be able to understand the business model of your organisation

   2. Be able to clearly demonstrate the value of interventions

   3. Be able to work with a consulting mindset.
Let’s take a closer look at these 3 essential skills.

1: Fully Understand Your Business Model

Successful L&D business partners get close to other senior leaders to understand what is bothering them and how L&D interventions could help improve the performance of the business.

Try to focus not only on understanding your own business (how it works and the environments that you operate in), but also the role of L&D in preparing your people to perform in the new world of work.

Providing training interventions is no longer enough.

2: Demonstrate the Value that L&D Adds to Your Business

As a core element of the Towards Maturity Model, demonstrating value is a key element of alignment to the business.

L&D business partners must be able to articulate the value of their interventions, ensuring that they benefit both the learner and your business, whether it’s about ROI, ROE, capturing anecdotal evidence or using the Towards Maturity Benchmark to measure the impact.

DPG uses the New World Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model for this. The process and language works extremely well for modern businesses, because firstly it’s all about identifying the business need and understanding what success looks like, then working backwards from there, developing interventions which will have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

DPG also place emphasis on understanding the world of Big Data, and how it can be used to drive responsive, relevant learning, and improve the supply and demand of skills.

3: Partner for Business Success

The most effective L&D business partners act as internal consultants, and are actively encouraged to adopt a consulting mindset.

They fully understand the consulting cycle and how to:

  • Build trust
  • Achieve gravitas and impact
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders and contractors.

Get all of this right, and there are big wins both for organisations investing in L&D business partners, and for the L&D profession as a whole.

DPG has spent over a year researching the skills and behaviours that an effective L&D business partner needs and has launched a ‘game changing’ L&D Business Partner development programme.

The programme is designed specifically for senior L&D professionals who have the drive and desire to take their L&D department from just having a seat in the training room to having a seat and a respected voice in the boardroom.

So if you want to be able to think more strategically, and have greater influence and impact within your organisation, find out more below.

Download the L&D Business Partner Programme Information >

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