Going Global: The Challenges of Geographically Dispersed Teams

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Articles

How do you ensure that your team have consistent skills when they are dispersed around the world?

In this webinar, we uncovered the latest research and shared practical solutions to address the gritty challenges of going global. View the slides below.
When your organisation operates around the globe, ensuring consistent skills and approaches can be a challenge. Most organisations are now looking to technology to help increase flexibility and access, reaching remote learners that can’t always come together. But how successful have they been?
The challenges of implementing a consistent learning solution around the globe are significant. We asked our Benchmark Participants if they operated globally and found that 3-in-5 of those that did struggle to overcome cultural differences in implementing global skills programmes. Some of this is due to language barriers, with 2-in-5 L&D staff reporting translation issues. The same number felt that part of the problem was centrally developed content being irrelevant locally. Half battled inconsistent technologies as a barrier to engaging their dispersed workforce.
However whilst the challenges are significant, they are not insurmountable.
Clive Shepherd, as part of his More than Blended Learning Collection, interviewed a number of organisation who have successfully designed learning in new ways. He explores how Vodafone explored a new solution to address the marketing capability of over 4,000 globally dispersed professionals. The ‘elegant simplicity’ of the solution is described here by Mohsin Gahfor, Group commercial Learning Lead at Vodafone:


View the webinar slides below and tell us what your issues are in our LinkedIn Group:

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