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8 Tips for Transforming Compliance Training from Tesco

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Case Studies

Top tips we gleaned from the award-winning compliance programme at Tesco, winner of an elearning Age award in 2014.

Tesco were looking for a new way to deliver compliance training to thousands of staff worldwide. The retail giant asked Towards Maturity Ambassador, Sponge UK, to take on the task. The resulting campaign called Learning Leap has helped to transform compliance training at Tesco delivering unprecedented levels of engagement. Key to the success of the award-winning initiative was the desire to try something new.

A new approach

Getting compliance right is important for Tesco. Like any large retailer, there are strict regulations to comply with and significant penalties for any rule breaking.
Previous compliance elearning courses at Tesco had not always been fully effective, with staff saying that they were too long, unengaging and, at times, not relevant to their role.
The legal team at Tesco, led by Regulatory, Ethics & Compliance Director, David Ward, carried out an extensive review of compliance training and decided to implement a completely new approach. “It is hugely important that our staff understand and operate within all the laws surrounding competition and promotion,” said Ward. “The behaviour of our staff affects our reputation and relationship with customers. We want to ensure our customers trust us and that we have good business practices.”
However, when some workers were describing the old-style compliance  training as ‘laborious’, ‘too long’ and ‘irrelevant’ the organisations had to come up with a new approach.

Learning Leap

An innovative, integrated campaign approach called Learning Leap was designed to address the problem. Going beyond the traditional idea of elearning, it utilises a hybrid of techniques to deliver short sharp shots of compliance training reinforced by bi-monthly ‘Put into Practice’ emails known as PiPs.
Tesco’s David Ward said: “During a four week period we were able to successfully train more than 4,000 members of staff, which was a great achievement, and helps us to safeguard our reputation and protect the interests of our customers.” Tesco achieved a 96% completion rate for the programme (significantly higher than the average, 90% of staff liked the content, which is no mean feat!)

What can we learn from the Learning Leap programme?

After 11 years of Benchmarking at Towards Maturity, we know what work’s when it comes to engaging learners and delivering results. We spotted 8 ‘top performing’ tips from Tesco’s story to get you thinking:
  • Listen and respond – Ask your staff what they want to change about compliance training and then do it!
  • Think beyond the course – ongoing campaigns are more engaging than once a year courses
  • Be micro minded! – Keep formal learning interventions short and sharp
  • Apply branding to both your courses and communications
  • Use leader boards to not only inform managers but also add a competitive edge
  • Reinforce learning – share engaging content that inspires ongoing application of knowledge
  • Encourage and share feedback on the process as part of the campaign
  • Communicate regularly

Find out more

Tesco and Sponge UK’s Learning Leap won bronze for the category “Best use of elearning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies” at the elearning Awards 2014.

Read the full case-study for Learning Leap on Sponge UK’s blog

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