9 Fresh Insights for Modernising Leadership Training

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Articles

Check out these early insights from our current study on leadership development.

Developing the skills of leaders and managers to work in an ever-changing, technology-enabled, virtual world is a constant challenge. The Towards Maturity Leadership study, in partnership with KPMG in the UK, is in the process of exploring what successful organisations are doing to prepare their leaders and managers around the globe.

Also as part of this programme, we have also analysed the views of over 2,200 senior leaders and managers who have taken part in the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape over the last 18 months – their views shed interesting light on what may work for them and what doesn’t.
The document below highlights 9 fresh early insights from the study to date and a number of observations to challenge our thinking:
Insights include:
1. Good leadership training is no longer just about the course
  • Classroom courses are only seen as essential or very useful by 15% of senior managers and 21% of line managers
  • However, despite 9 out of 10 organisations providing leadership training, fewer than half are using technology to support leaders.
2. Managers are already doing things differently
Those in management job roles are 50% more likely than non-managers to use the following technologies to help them learn how do to their job better:
  •  Internal and external networks and communities
  •  Mobile phones
3.  Technology has the potential to play a vital role:
In 2015 L&D professionals are looking to technology to improve leadership training:
  • 88% want to apply learning more quickly back into the workplace
  • 76% want to increase the sharing of good practice
  • 72% want to reduce the time spent away from the business
4.   Early findings show that shifts are starting to happen
  • 9 out of 10 L&D professionals are either applying or planning to apply new learning approaches to support leadership learning in the workplace
5. External resources are being utilised to support leadership training
  • 85% of L&D professionals are either linking or planning to link to external portals or online courses.
With a wider awareness of the new resources and approaches available, how do we decide what will work for our leaders in our organisation?
6. Designing for time starved leaders
Leaders and managers are more likely to report lack of time for self-study as a major barrier for them than non-managers.  However, they report that:
  • Relevant stories and case studies work best for them in learning design
  • 88% of senior managers are using mobiles, 50% are more likely to use their own device to access resources needed to do their job better
7. Frameworks provide structure
  • 8 out of 10 L&D professionals are using competency frameworks
  • Only 1 in 4 are using learning analytics
8. Are we using the right technology tools? 
The top technology tools used to support leadership learning:
  • 86% using Learning Management Systems
  • 83% using e-Books and e-Journals
  • 77% using off-the shelf e-learning
Traditional technologies are widely used in leadership development but to what extent are we using social media, video and mobile – and does it make a difference?
9. Help leaders to apply what they need
The aim of the Towards Maturity leadership study is to share effective practices and insights from the successful organisations – we’ll leave the final insight to one of our current participants:
“Follow up is essential and difficult. Too many people get dragged back into the pressures of everyday situations.”
Leadership training needs to change and the Towards Maturity Leadership study, in partnership with KPMG, is gathering the evidence base from L&D professionals and leaders in the workplace to help you make that change. These are just some of the early findings but we are keen to hear from you if you are in the process of modernising your Leadership Development programme.
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