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Thursday, January 15th 2015 saw the launch of More Than Blended Learning, a portfolio of resources and services aimed at learning professionals looking to design world-class learning interventions.

The portfolio includes a new book by leading learning design expert and Towards Maturity Supporter, Clive Shepherd, a free online taster course and a collection of case study videos.

Towards Maturity is thrilled that these resources are available to help organisations build the skills needed in their L&D teams to help them deliver the results that matter. For the last ten years, we have seen that organisations who are mature in their use of learning technologies are building the capabilities of their learning teams focusing on designing learning, transferring learning, supporting performance and facilitating collaborations.

These new More than Blended resources will help you to design appropriately across the spectrum of these areas, taking into consideration the business need, the learning, the learner and the logistics.

What is More Than Blended Learning?

More Than Blended Learning is a simple, new approach to the design of learning solutions based on over a decade’s experience and experimentation. Blended solutions combine contrasting learning methods and media in order to maximise effectiveness and efficiency. The More Than approach goes an important step further to ensure the blend results in application to real-world tasks and the learner is supported along the whole length of their learning journey.

Blended learning is widespread but there are significant barriers to success

Blended learning is already widely used with 86% of organisations blending frequently or sometimes*. And it works. According to the Towards Maturity 2014 Benchmark Study blending contributes significantly to the success of top performing organisations.  However, 52% of organisations lack blended design skills which is presenting a real barrier to progress.

Laura Overton, MD, Towards Maturity says,
“The ‘Top Deck’ performers in our study are 4-times more likely to take a blended approach and over twice as likely to report that they are improving on the job productivity. It’s clear that organisations can gain a significant advantage by making sure their teams have the right skills to deliver learning innovation for better business performance. By helping learning professionals achieve this More Than Blended can only be a good thing.”

More Than approach to blended design

The More Than approach encourages learning professionals to adopt a professional consultative relationship with their clients and not to act as mere ‘order takers’. By clarifying the underlying need and establishing the ‘three Ls’ (learning requirement, learners and logistical constraints), they are better able to design solutions that address the need efficiently and effectively.

Importantly, the More Than approach encourages designers to put quality first, establishing an effective strategy for learning before considering the efficiencies that may be afforded by technologies.

Barry Sampson, Co-Founder, More Than Blended Learning explains,

“Recognising that far too many learning interventions fail to follow-through in terms of changed behaviour on the job, the More Than approach encourages ‘end-to-end’ solutions that stress practical application and on-going support. As a team, we are extremely proud of the More Than product and what we have achieved to get to this stage.”

About More Than Blended Learning

More Than Blended Learning is aimed at any learning professional worldwide who is responsible for designing adult learning interventions, from those interfacing with internal clients in larger organisations, to learning consultants, designers working in external agencies and institutions offering public courses.

The initial More Than portfolio includes:

  • The book: A full-colour 272-page paperback (also available in e-book formats).
  • The taster: A free online course that introduces the More Than approach. Hosted on the GoalGetter platform from LearningAge Solutions, the course provides a wide range of resources, including scenarios, videos and interactive conversations, as well as practical tips and tools.
  • The collection: This series of videos showcases great examples of blended solutions across a wide range of organisations, including PwC and HC-One- two Top Deck learning organisations in the Towards Maturity Benchmark.

For those individuals and organisations that want to adopt the More Than approach, a range of accredited programmes and consultancy services are available.

More Than Blended Learning was founded by Clive Shepherd, Barry Sampson and Eugenie King, supported by trusted associates Asatuurs Keim (Studio from the Sky), Gary Frost (Frost Creative) and Cheryl Clemons (LearnerLab).

Clive Shepherd will be speaking at one of Towards Maturity’s eXchange sessions at LT15 – book now for a free place

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