Ambassador Reactions to the 2014-15 Benchmark Report

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The Towards Maturity’s 2014 Benchmark Report, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results, is causing quite a stir this year.

We’ve had some great observations from L&D leaders who explore how it challenges both business leaders’ and learning leaders’ current perception of learning at work and how it can support business transformation.

Nigel Paine, author of The Learning Challenge, says ‘The findings of my book all resonate with the TM Benchmark report. Indeed if you read the report and you want to move forward as an L&D organisation, then carry on benchmarking.’

But what about the Industry Leaders responsible for providing innovative learning solutions for today’s business challenges? How are they responding to this year’s findings?

Here we bring you a summary from some of independent blogs from Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors, organisations that are recognised thought leaders who work for change, indentifying and improving good practice, raising awareness and driving the whole industry forward. They explore the issues facing the industry today plus some practical insights on what to do about it.






Acteon’s Response
“One of the reasons explored in the Benchmark report, is to what extent learning innovation is aligned with business and individual goals. And the results are interesting. Only 32% of L&D professionals report that they work with senior leaders to identify specific business KPIs they want to influence through learning. Maybe that’s why only one third of businesses achieve the benefits they seek!”








Brightwave’s Response
“The annual release of the benchmark report is one of the pivotal features of the L&D landscape…Although it’s clear that we as a sector have more work ahead to unlock the full potential of next generation learning strategies, from professional learning networks to integrated mobile/wearable technology, it’s exciting to see even from a quick glance early signs that total learning is beginning to manifest as a lived reality for learners everywhere.”

– Caroline Walmsley, Managing Director









CIPD’s Response
“It’s clear from reading the Towards Maturity Modernising learning: Delivering Results report that as an L&D profession we have great aspirations to move forward and drive change. But the reality is that many of us are struggling to achieve this in practice, with just 31% realising the benefits they seek. This latest report provides fantastic insight into what top learning companies are doing to get past these hurdles and build L&D skills for the future. It really demonstrates that innovative L&D practice can have a real impact on business performance.”

– Ruth Stuart, Research Advisor, L&D








City & Guilds Kineo’s Response
“In summary we are pleased to see that many of the key findings from our Insights interviews are reinforced by the comprehensive Towards Maturity research report…We also found that L&D are consulting with learners and the business to involve them in the design of learning to ensure it is rooted in real business challenges and that ‘Simplicity is a lost art’. Use 70/20/10 but keep it simple.”

– Stuart Chadwick, Solutions Director









Commelius’ Response
“According to that study, 70% of employees learn what they need to do their job from web searches… I thought it would be a bit lower……the majority of people do find information they need on Google and most are able to use it… (they) provide an instant access to relevant information we need. These are actually the two most prominent priorities learners have when it comes to learning: instant access and relevancy of information.TM’s MD Laura Overton pointed that out during one of her seminars at the Learning Live event where she talked about the needs of learners … And I can’t disagree with her…We, as learners, are attracted to search engines because they provide us with what we need fast.”






Kallidus’ Response
“The new 2014/2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study* shows organisations are using more technology for learning than ever.Today’s sophisticated learners have a strong appetite for mobile lear ng and are driving its take-up in the workplace. However, mobile will struggle to reach its full potential until IT issues are resolved and L&D develops the knowledge and expertise it needs to capitalise on the power of mobile technologies to support learning at the point of need.”







Learndirect’s Response
“The 2014 report from Towards Maturity, which carries out annual research with businesses into skills and technology, found that despite the willingness, only three in ten businesses manage to align learning with business goals – down 20% in the last five years.As a long-term Ambassador of Towards Maturity, we are urging businesses to think about implementing learning strategies in the round and thinking about other programmes, such as Apprenticeships, as well.”








LEO’s Response
“This year’s full report contains the big picture, but there is a lot to learn from the Top Deck to improve the standard of technology-enabled learning across the board.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Report is a hugely valuable asset for our industry; it gives us a clear, objective view of the way learning organisations are evolving. With 11 years of data behind it, these trends give us a robust insight into what businesses want to do and what they really are doing.”

Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer








Speexx’s Response
“As a proud Towards Maturity Ambassador, I’m delighted to see another hugely successful TM Benchmark Study this year… Although it’s not only about technology per se, many organisations are finding that modernisation cannot be achieved without it.There is still a large gap to be closed between companies’ ambitions and achievements: this year’s Benchmark showed that only 31% of organisations are actually achieving the benefits they seek in terms of L&D.”

Armin Hopp, Founder & President






Sponge UK’s Response
“The 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report is a wake-up call. The study is a clear call to arms to take action in the areas that matter most…We must do more to provide Learning & Development teams with the information they need to convince their leaders, and indeed everyone in the organisation, that modernising learning will make a difference. This needs to be as specific and practical as possible with both statistical and experiential evidence…”

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