Modernising Learning: Delivering Results (2014)

Nov 5, 2014 | Annual Benchmark Reports

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 We are proud to announce the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.
A modernised learning strategy today means focusing on learning outcomes rather than inputs. Today’s L&D leaders need to respond faster, support learning and performance at the point of need and improve efficiency at the same time. It is not about the technology per se, but many are finding that modernisation cannot be achieved without it.
This is a report to challenge both business leaders’ and learning leaders’ current perception of learning at work and how it can support business transformation.

Building on the evidence established from 3,500 L&D leaders and 15,000 learners gathered since 2003, this study revisits the New Learning Agenda introduced last year and explores how it is being used as a roadmap for modernising learning.

The new report provides independent evidence to support data-driven decision making for L&D leaders. It considers:

  • The Performance Gap in L&D
  • Evidence for change
  • Balancing Organisational and Individual Need
  • New Models of Learning
  • Boosting Agility
Throughout the report we explore the skills implications for today’s L&D teams.

To uncover the lessons learned from the top performing organisations, the report looks at the top 10% of performers – those in the top 10% of the Towards Maturity Index – to identify what makes them successful.

Called the “Top Deck,” these organisations are all aligning learning to business; providing their learners with an active voice; supporting learning beyond the course and are proactive in connecting with staff.  As a result they are twice as likely to report that they are achieving the benefits they seek and three times as likely to report positive changes in staff behaviour (compared to the average).

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If your time is short, check out these fast facts from the study.

In his foreword, Dr Chai Patel, the Chairman of HC-One provides the business leaders perspective to the findings of this study.

The report draws on data from:

  • 600 L&D professionals from 45 countries
  • 68% UK: 32% international
  • 64% private sector
  • 42% multinationals
  • 74% managerial responsiblity

Uniquely in our Benchmark studies, we also draw on the perspective of over 5,000 learners from our Learning Landscape study. We explore how staff learn what they need to do their jobs, their barriers and motivators for learning online.

The launch webinar slideshow, hosted by our Ambassdor, Learning Technologies

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About the Benchmark

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is an internationally recognised longitudinal study on the effective implementation of learning innovation based on the input of 5,800+ participants and 41,000 learners gathered since 2003. Towards Maturity continuously surveys and studies how people learn at work and the impact this has on organisational performance. By turning data into insights and insights into action, this research is used to help L&D leaders assess and improve the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of their learning provision.

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