Get The Edge: Going East and Down Under

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Articles

If you work in the Far East or Australia, Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton will be attending two key world conferences during November, and it would be great to see you there.

LearnTech Asia 2014

13-14 November  |  Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Asia’s premier e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public sectors.

Practical Ideas to Engage Staff with Online Learning
Fri 14 Nov, 13:30-14:30

Question: You have designed amazing online learning experiences to help your staff and colleagues do their job better, but why are they not adopting online learning as quickly as you expect them to?

Participants facing this dilemma will benefit from Laura’s expert sharing. This interactive session takes a fresh look at how L&D professionals can capture the learner’s attention and turn that into action. She will share insightful tips from the world of marketing to address the current challenges of L&D professionals. Participants will learn how to use content to connect effectively, communicate with clout, and lure in line managers to promote and engage.
Talent, Technology and Change: A New Learning Agenda for Singapore
Fri 14 Nov, 15:30-17:30

In this current volatile and increasingly complex working environment, developing and retaining the best talents are critical to success. Technology is driving a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate and connect with their customers but it also has the potential to transform the learning experience of staff.

Drawing on extensive data collected from over 3,000 companies and thousands of learners around the globe, Laura will illustrate what the New Learning Agenda will deliver for your business. She will guide participants on how best to build a culture of learning in their workplace, how to transform learning using technologies, and the role that L&D plays as agents of such changes.


ElNet Workplace Working Congress

Breaking free: The Power of Performance Support
Melbourne, Tuesday 18 Nov 2014  |  09.10-10:00

In today’s fast paced global economy, traditional course delivery can no longer cope with the changing demands of business and individuals. L&D leaders around the globe are breaking free of the constraints of the course and looking for new powerful ways to support performance where it is needed most. Top learning companies are leading the way and showing the impact. This session will draw on the insights of 3,500 L&D leaders and 14,000 learners from around the globe to help us understand practical ways of how to effectively embed learning into the workflow.

Masterclasses: for those who want to go deeper!
Modernising learning – How to Futureproof Your Learning Strategy

Melbourne, Wednesday 19 Nov (Register) & Sydney, Monday 24 Nov (Register):

How to manage talent, technology and change is at the forefront of today’s business leaders, and underpins the Towards Maturity New Learning Agenda. This framework for modernising learning in order to meet today’s challenges, forces us to think about how L&D supports learning and performance in the business, how we can respond faster to change and integrate learning more effectively into the workplace.

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