Learning Innovation Delivers Business Transformation at HC-One

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Case Studies

Find out how the award-winning HC-One has used learning to deliver the kindest care (and transform an industry).

“Our goal was to achieve complete transformation; a transformation to become the kindest and most trustworthy care provider in the UK – that’s why we made learning and development a catalyst for change.”- Dr Chai Patel, Chairman of HC-One; Britain’s third-largest care home operator.

The learning leadership team at HC-One, led by Alison Innes-Farquer, ensured that this goal was achieved in record time and has been sustained. The organisation has been transformed by introducing Touch – an innovative learning environment. The organisation has won a multitude of awards in the last 18 months and has been applauded by the Cavendish Review as a catalyst for change in the industry as a whole.

The blended learning programme that is helping HC-One deliver the kindest care, didn’t just win the hearts and minds of the eLearning age judges in the 2013 awards (HC-One and partner Acteon Communication and Learning, walked away with two gold awards on the night for best e-learning project and best compliance programme). It is also being hailed as by the Cavendish Review as a flagship initiative to inspire others.
This video explains how learning has helped HC-One Get The Edge with their customers, their staff and their sector.
Download the full story below, to provide you with ideas to help your organisation get the edge on business transformation.
Eight award winning tips for delivering business transformation
  • Don’t be afraid to step up to the challenge of being a core player in business transformation – Senior management teams will welcome the support
  • Work with senior executives:
    – Identify business critical metrics that you are looking to shift together
    – Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need
    – Be prepared to demonstrate the value you are adding
  • Listen first and listen hard – establish a working party up front that represents colleagues from across the business to guide the development of the solution
  • Design to change behaviour not just tick boxes
    – Create fun viral content that makes the message stick
    – Use video to capture and share the experiences of colleagues
  • Don’t assume that you know when an where colleagues want to learn – provide the choice to access 24x7
  • Invest in the people touch
    – Local peer to peer support/champions
    – Support managers in embedding great practice
  • Don’t be afraid to spend to save!
  • Do share your successes with others; deliver transformation in your own business and inspire change in others
This case study has been independently investigated and developed by Towards Maturity as part of our Good Practice Partnership with eLearning Age and the eLearning Awards. It was first published in the February 2014 edition of eLearning Age Magazine.

Ten years of data proves that organisations who embrace learning innovation Get The Edge – winning over their staff and customers, and beating their competitors. This story is brought to you via our Ambassador Acteon to illustrate how you can stay sharp, agile, and ahead of the game.

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