Aligning Learning to Business: Why now? What’s Next?

by | Sep 22, 2014 | Articles

L&D Leaders challenged businesses to ‘Get The Edge’ by aligning learning to business, at this joint event by CIPD & TM. 

The ability to align learning to business strategy has never been discussed more!  Business and Commercial awareness is now viewed as the number-one skill for success for L&D professionals. The Towards Maturity longitudinal research over the last ten years also illustrates that this alignment is underpinning the type of technology enabled learning innovation that delivers real improvements to the bottom line.
However, this must be a two-way alignment, with business leaders also recognising that the L&D function can add value back to business. Despite all the discussions it is clear that while L&D leaders aspire to better alignment, many are still struggling to achieve this.
This is why in July 2014, CIPD teamed up with Towards Maturity at an event specifically designed to help tackle the issue. Twenty-three top L&D leaders from organisations (such as JP Morgan, McDonalds, HC-One, National Centre of Research, British Council and more) attended the event to capture their stories to help inspire the L&D community to drive change.
Download the recommendations below to help stimulate new conversations with learning and business leaders in your organisation. 
Through a series of roundtable discussions stimulated by input from a number of speakers, the attendees sought to explore the challenge of alignment and identify opportunities to improve two-way alignment between learning and business.
The session explored three themes:
  • The expectations of business leaders (good and bad)
  • To what extent L&D activity is aligned to strategic goals
  • The future of L&D in a fast changing work environment
The full paper includes insights from McDonalds, LV=, HC-One, LEO, the Learning and Performance Institute and NatCen Social Research, together with 15 recommendations identified by the group to encourage greater integration and alignment that ultimately delivers improved performance and productivity.
Get The Edge in Business and Learning: An Industry Call to Action
This event provided a unique call to action; for business and L&D leaders to work together.
To business leaders, we say:
  • Look beyond the course; be open to doing things differently
  • Expect more from, but also inspire your L&D function
  • Demand that your L&D function focuses on outcome measures, not inputs
  • Learning is a continual journey; recognise your potential to be a role-model
  • Embrace your L&D team as partners for change
To L&D leaders, we say: 
  • Build relationships at the heart of the business
  • Make sure everything you do reflects business priorities
  • Dare to be different
  • Demonstrate value
  • Future-proof yourself
Download the whitepaper below to help stimulate new conversations between learning and business leaders in your organisation.

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