E-Learning Awards 2013 – The Gold Standard!

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In the 13 years we have been providing benchmarks for learning and development teams, one thing has remained the same – the disparity between the aspirations of the L&D team and the impact learning is having on the organisation.

In some areas that gap is closing and in others, it stays stubbornly wide. So how can learning leaders start to close that aspiration gap?

The independent judging panel, under the Chairmanship of Tony Frascina, was put forward from the e-learning Network, and they had a tough task getting to this shortlist. As a judge,I felt that the quality of the entries this year was higher than ever before.In fact in the category that i judged in , every entrant would have won an award in previous years.

The TM team has been actively involved in the E-Learning Awards. Through our Good Practice Partnership with the Awards, we’ve been uncovering lessons learned from previous award winners. If you want to know what good looks like, check out their stories here.

Special Congratulations to the Towards Maturity Ambassadors and Benchmark Participants who picked up a number of trophies on the night

We are thrilled that Acteon and HC-One (featured in our Aligning Learning to Business Report) picked up 2 gold’s for Best e-learning project (Private sector) and Best use of elearning to ensure compliance. Upside Learning Solutions with Cocollect won e-learning team of the year. and City & Guilds:Kineo won e-learning Development company of the year. Epic, Brightwave and Walkgrove also picked up awards on the night . Altogether our ambassasors walked away with 10 of the 40 awards – no wonder we are thrilled to work with them!

Congratulations to all the winners and , in fact to everyone who made it onto the shortlist!  You can read all about the winners in the November edition of e-learning age –  download the app today! (IOS, or Android)

Here is the full shortlist (TM Ambassadors are highlighted!):

Best e-learning project –  non-for-profit sector

  • Gold -NCALT: 2012 Olympic Games suite of e-learning
  • Silver –  UNIT9 and The Resuscitation Council UKBMJ Learning
  • Bronze – Epic and Civil Service Learning

Congratulations to LINE Communications and System UNO for being part of the shortlist.

Best e-learning project – private sector

  • Gold – HC-One and Acteon Communication and Learning (find out more about this story here)
  • Silver – LearningAge Solutions and Waterstones
  • Bronze – Vodafone

Congratulations to Brightwave and M&,GlobalEnglish and GlaxoSmithKline,Growth Engineering, InterContinental Hotels Group, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Kineo and WillowDNA and Initiative who were also shortlisted

Excellence in the production of learning content – not-for-profit sector

  • Gold – UNIT9 and The Resuscitation Council UK
  • Silver – Walkgrove and Oxfam GB
  • Bronze City & Guilds and Kineo

Congratulations to Epic and British Council and Lomtec.com, Foundation of Slovenska sporitelna who were also shortlisted

Excellence in the production of learning content – public sector

  • Gold – UNIT9 and The Resuscitation Council UK
  • Silver – NCALT: Stalking and Harassment
  • Bronze – Department of Transport and Main Roads – Queensland Government

Contratulations to Aurion Learning and Derry City Council,DeltaNet International and Sandwell MBC and NCALT: Introduction to the Internet who were also shortlisted

Excellence in the production of learning content – private sector

  • Gold – PwC and Atticmedia
  • Silver- Epic and QVC
  • Bronze – 2and2, Lend Lease, Education Services Australia, Raising Children Network

Congratulations to Active Operations Management International,BP and Kineo,

HC-One and Acteon Communication and Learning , Intuition Publishing and Rolls-Royce and Kineo who were also shortlisted.

Best use of synchronous e-learning

  • Gold – Worldmark International

Best use of mobile learning

  • Gold – UNIT9 and The Resuscitation Council UK
  • Silver- City & County of Swansea Council
  • Bronze – 2and2, Lend Lease, Education Services Australia, Raising Children Networ

Congratulations to Knowledgepool on behalf of EE,PwC, rts eSolutions and University of Leicester who were also shortlisted

Best use of social media for learning

  • Gold – PwC
  • Silver – Epic, Lloyds Banking Group and Talking Talent

Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies

  • Gold HC-One and Acteon Communication and Learning
  • Silver – 2and2, Lend Lease, Education Services Australia, Raising Children Network
  • Bronze – WillowDNA and the IPA

Contragulations to Atlas,Epic and British Council,LRN and Safety Media and DOF Subsea for also being shortlisted.

Most innovative new learning hardware or software product

  • Gold – Globisens
  • Silver – Siveco Romani and the Ministry of National Education in Romania
  • Bronze- Brightwave

Congratulations to eLearning24-7,Hydrant and University of Cumbria, RTS , LC Maker and App and Newcastle University ilab:learn who were also shorlisted

Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment

  • Gold – UNIT9 and The Resuscitation Council UK
  • Silver  – The Centre for Affiliated Learning, Affiliates Risk Management Services
  • Bronze -I am learning

Congratulations to LRN,Tata Interactive Systems and Unilever who were also shortlisted.

Best online distance learning programme

  • Gold – University of East Anglia & James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Silver – BMJ Learning and the University of Leicester
  • Bronze – HCUK

Congratulations to Nelson Croom, Speexx and The National Association of Goldsmiths who were also shortlisted.

e-learning designer of the year- Janice Sargisson – DeltaNet International

  • Congratulations also to Jamie Cole – Mind Click,David Gristwood – Unicorn Training Group,Brandon Jordan – MDA Training,Sridhar Subramaniam – Growth Engineering and Sam Wise – Growth Engineering who were also shortlisted

E-learning team of the year – Vocollect & Upside Learning Solutions

  • Congratulations to BT and CrossKnowledge who were also shortlisted

E-learning development company of the year –

  • Gold- CIty & Guilds: Kineo
  • Silver -Growth Engineering
  • Bronze – Mind Click

Congratulations to Ancoris,Atlas,eCom Scotland, Epic and Workplace Law who were also shortlisted

 eLearning age outstanding contribution award – ony Reddington – Mind Click

  • Congratulations to Martin Baker – The Charity Learning Consortium andA ndrew Joly – LINE Communications who were also shortlisted

eLearning age outstanding learning organisation award- Unicorn Training Group

  • Congratulations to NCALT,Nelson Croom, Safety Media and Vodafone who were also shortlisted.



There is a winner in all of us
Peter Williams, editor of eLearning age, said: “The E-Learning Awards, organised by Bizmedia the publisher of eLearning age, do a fantastic job in recognising the wide range of excellent e-learning and technology-based learning that is happening across all sectors. The case studies of the E-Learning Awards winners written by Towards Maturity and published in each issue of eLearning age bring those success stories to life.They enable a wide audience to learn from the best and that has to be a good thing. Having those case studies on the Towards Maturity website ensures the lessons of success are seen by many people. That is why the good practice partnership between Towards Maturity and eLearning age is such an important component of driving communication about the E-Learning Awards winners.” 

Entries for next year will begin on the 31st of January.

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