13 reasons not to miss the L&S Summer Forum

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Articles

Looking for new ways to engage your business with learning? Check out our recommendations for the L&S group Summer Forum. If you haven’t had a moment to register for the L&S Summer Forum on the 18th of June then do it now!

If you are undecided if this is for you here are 13 reasons to help you make up your mind!

Reason one:  Laura Overton, Managing Director, Towards Maturity will be conducting an interactive workshop at the L&S group conference looking at 7 habits of highly aligned L&D teams. Come along to this practical session will help you to:

  • Operate more effectively as a business partner
  • Get comfortable in demonstrating value
  • Explore the tangible benefits of alignment
  • Take the alignment test!
  • Identify a tailored action plan to become more aligned

If you can’t make that session, find out your Alignment Index by taking part in the 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark.

Reason two:  You can pick up a new Towards Maturity In-Focus Report on Aligning learning and business  with all the hints and tips from the session from our Ambassador Acteon (stand).

Reason three: Join Laura and other Industry experts at L&D Question Time: The leaders and managers edition which is being run by the Corporate e-Learning Consortium Theatre 1pm – 15.15pm.

The Learning and Skills Group conference is free for Learning Technologies conference delegates and Learning and Skills Group members only, and you can Register here.  However, the exhibition and free seminars are open to all (but you still need to register).

Reason four: If you are interested in becoming one of the best L&D teams around, the L&S Summer forum provides a great opportunity to informally learn and benchmark with each other. But to help you apply the right lessons to YOUR organisation, we recommend that you also take part in 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark.

The TM team will be around all day on the 18th to answer questions (email us to set up a time) or just ask any of our Ambassadors about how to get involved – just look for the proud to support sign! You can find our Ambassadors at the following stands:

  •  Acteon Communication and Learning – 17
  •  Brightwave – 11
  •  Corporate e-Learning Consortium – 21
  •  Epic – 18
  •  Fusion Universal – 27
  •  Kallidus -1 5
  •  Kineo – 29
  •  Learndirect – 24
  •  LINE Communications – 16
  •  Redware – 23
  •  SuccessFactors – 26
  •  Upside Learning Solutions – 25

Reasons five to thirteen! – Our Ambassadors are also involved in nine of the free 30-minute seminar. These are definitely worth attending:


  1. Diary of a next generation learner 
Charles Gould, Managing Director, Brightwave Theatre 2 – 10:45
  2. Remote learner support on a national scale: A case study from learndirect 
Alan Howard, Head of Business Solutions, learndirect Theatre 3 – 10:45
  3. The use of Tin Can and Open Badges for learning programmes  Mark Aberdour, Head of Learning Platforms, Epic Theatre 1 – 11:30
  4. Performance support using mobile devices Sean Nugent, Account Director, LINE Communications Theatre 3 – 13:00pm
  5. Mastering mobile learning: developing content for multiple platforms  Rob Caul, CEO, Kallidus Theatre 2 – 13:00
  6. e-Learning on tablets – what, why & how Amit Garg, Director of Custom Learning Solutions and Co-founder, Upside Learning Theatre 3 – 13:00
  7. What you need to know about portals, Redware Theatre 1 – 13:45
  8. HC-One puts e-learning at the heart of their change journey, achieving outstanding results Matthew Borg, Managing Partner, Acteon Communication and Learning  Theatre 3 – 14:30
  9.  70 20 10 – from concept to reality Fusion Universal 
Theatre 3 – 15:15

We look forward to seeing you there!

Don’t forget to REGISTER TO ATTEND.

Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Health Check

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Health Check.

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