Millenials: Babyboomers: GenerationX: Pragmatists Reflector:Theorist:Technophobic:Tech Savvy:the list goes on……

We know that our learners are different and all have varying learning needs, but do we really know what they want and need from our learning solutions, or do we just think that we do?

Over the last 4 weeks at LPI’s Learning Live event, HRM Cologne, and last week during her 5 minute Ignite session at the World of Learning, Laura Overton has been exploring the danger of labelling our learners and what we can do about it.

If you missed Laura’s session, you can catch up here on You Tube!

If you really want to get inside the heads of your learners, find out how to get involved with our learner audit.

Do take part in our mini poll to tell us how you find out what your learners want and need from L&D.

Photo courtesy of Davi Ozolin via Flickr

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