Bridging the Gap: The 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark

May 14, 2012 | Annual Benchmark Reports

Our thanks go to the 500 plus respondents from 37 different countries who contributed to the 2012 Toward Maturity Benchmark Study – drawn from 466 organisations that represent well over 2 million employees and in charge of a training budget of well over £850m.

These figures give the Report a truly substantial set of foundations from which to work!

The Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Report: Bridging the Gap, IS NOW AVAILABLE to download free of charge at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

For a summary of the Report’s key findings click here 

You can also download the Report from the Towards Maturity shop, along with a wealth of other reports. Now’s your chance to find out how your organisation is performing against the rest in your Industry Sector!

What will you find in the Report?

Over 2200 organisations have taken part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark since it started in 2003 and in our this year’s report – Bridging the Gap – Integrating learning and work, we have looked at:

  • The bottom line benefits – unmissible evidence to help build your business case
  • Top Trends – separating the hype from reality
  • 7 missed L&D opportunities
  • Learning from the top performers.

This year we were delighted that Richard Beaven, Customer Services Director, General Insurance at Lloyds Banking Group agreed to write the Forward to the Report. This is what he said:

As business leaders, we have to let go of our embedded beliefs that classroom is the most effective means of delivering skills. Now, more than ever, we need to be able to access our learning quickly in digestible bite sized chunks and find support as and when we need it. The 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark provides hard evidence that this type of approach can really deliver….Use the study to help you to stay on top of your game through benchmarking with others.

To read Richard Beavan’s forward click here.
If you didn’t take part but would like to consider if benchmarking is for you then here are 4 resources to help:

A tremendous industry collaboration – This year’s benchmark has already been shaped by the input of previous participants and thoroughly reviewed by industry experts including Jane Hart, Charles Jennings, Nigel Paine, Donald H Taylor, John McGurk and many others. As a result it is sharper and more focussed than ever before.
Missed last year’s benchmark?


Download last year’s report and find out what the top performers are delivering and how they are achieving their successes.

If you took part last year but still have not downloaded your personalised report highlighting your strenghts and weaknesses, then do contact us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know how to access your report.
A big thank you to our Ambassadors

This industry study and the free reports are made possible thanks to the ongoing support of our Ambassadors who share our passion for ensuring free advice is available to all. Find out more

The independent 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark is made possible thanks to the support of our Ambassadors:


Bridging the gap – the Towards Maturity Benchmark report is now available free of charge to download below.

Registered users of the Towards Maturity Research Community can download the report below once you logged on. If you are not a registered user please register here.

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About the Benchmark

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is an internationally recognised longitudinal study on the effective implementation of learning innovation based on the input of 5,800+ participants and 41,000 learners gathered since 2003. Towards Maturity continuously surveys and studies how people learn at work and the impact this has on organisational performance. By turning data into insights and insights into action, this research is used to help L&D leaders assess and improve the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of their learning provision.

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Measuring the benefits of your communication and learning & development strategy

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New research finds 54% of learning is still being conducted solely in the classroom – but change is needed for formal learning to remain effective

New research finds 54% of learning is still being conducted solely in the classroom – but change is needed for formal learning to remain effective

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