The eLearning Awards 2011

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The e-learning Awards winners were announced on the 10th of November.
Towards Maturity (good practice partner for the e-learning awards) would like to congratulate all the e-learning award winners.

In it’s seventh year, there were a record number of entries from 17 countries so it was great to see that 25%  of the awards handed out went to Towards Maturity Ambassadors!

We were particularly thrilled to see Mike Booth from Cable & Wireless pick up  E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement.

I have known Mike for almost 10 years as he was one of the original contributors to our first benchmark report. Over that time his own organisation has undergone significant changes that would have daunted many learning professionals. But Mike embraced the challenge by consistently innovating, ensuring that learning was positioned to support business transformation rather than be left behind and he’s always been willing to share lessons learned. You can follow some of his story here.

Celebrating Towards Maturity Ambassador Wins

Epic, Brightwave, Line and Information Transfer walked away with Gold awards and overall 25% of the awards handed out went to our ambassadors so well done!

Information Transfer walked away with the Gold win for Widespread Adoption for the 4th year running!

We’ve covered the stories of many of the past winners so do check them out if the ceremony has inspired you.

A list of the final winners!

Here is thelist of the winners (and the shortlisted organisations ( with links to stories of previous wins!):

Best use of social media for learning

  • Gold – Deutsche Welle German Courses

Also shortlisted were Interactyx, The Open University
Best use of synchronous e-learning

  • Gold  – Brightwave

Also shortlisted were Open English and QA

Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment

  • Gold – Train4TradeSkills
  • Silver – Parliament’s Education Service and Preloaded
  • Bronze – Caspian Learning/Interplay Energy

Also shortlisted were Birmingham City University School of Law, HT2 and The Pony Club,McGraw-Hill Education and University of East London with Toolwire (check out some of the background to the design behind UEL’s submission from our interviews with Michael Watkins)

Best use of rapid e-learning content

  • Gold- BT Learning and Development-SSV-eLearning and Multimedia
  • Silver – Kineo and McDonalds UK
  • Bronze – Unicorn Training Group

Also shortlisted were Aviva UK Life, Travis Perkins & Edvantage Group and URENCO UK

Best use of mobile learning

  • Gold- Epic and Harper Collins
  • Silver – LINE Communications and the Royal School of Artillery
  • Bronze

Also shortlisted were Encyclopaedia Britannica, Learnosity,LINE Communications and Jaguar Land Rover and QA

Most innovative new learning hardware or software product

  • Gold- Train4TradeSkills
  • Silver – DH e-Learning for Healthcare: e-Fetal Monitoring (e-FM)
  • Bronze – Fuse by Fusion Universal
  • Bronze – Curatr by HT2

Also shortlisted were , DH e-Learning for Healthcare: MCQ tool, ,Hand Multimedia, MyWorkSearch (find out more about their win last year), and REDTRAY

Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance with external regulations or internal policies

  • Gold- CA Technologies
  • Silver – RBS Group
  • Bronze – Epic and the BBC

Also shortlisted were Highfield e-learning in partnership with Marks and Spencer, NPIA/NCALT,Unicorn Training Group in partnership with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services and Workplace Law Group

Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption

  • Gold- Information Transfer and Cambian Group
  • Silver – Kineo and BP

Also shortlisted were Aviva in partnership with Inmarkets, HT2 and The Pony Club, Purple Media,REDTRAY and Royal Mail Group,Renfrewshire Council / eCom Scotland,The Co-operative Group and BT Learn Diverse

Best online distance learning project

  • Gold – RM Lightbox Education / National College for School Leadership,
  • Silver – Workplace Law Environmental

Also shortlisted were EF Language Learning Solutions with Xerox Europe,Learnosity & The Open University,

Excellence in the production of learning content – Not for Profit Sector

  • Gold- LINE Communications and AO Foundation
  • Silver – St Georges, University of London (check out previous awards)
  • Bronze – League Football Education, Sportiv8 and Kineo,

Also shortlisted were Birmingham City University School of Law,Harbinger Knowledge Products  and Royal College of Nursing (UK): First steps for health care assistants ( check out previous ward achnowledgements here),

Excellence in the production of learning content – Public Sector

  • Gold- Epic and the BBC
  • Silver – abcenglish, International Learning Centre and Wigan Council
  • Bronze – NPIA/NCALT: Mental Ill Health and Learning Disability Awareness ( check out previous wins here)

Also shortlisted were ,Birmingham City University School of Law,Crown Prosecution Service & Edvantage Group, EF Language Learning Solutions with the French Air Force,,Lightbox Education and Sponge UK

Excellence in the production of learning content – Private Sector

  • Gold – eCom Scotland in partnership with Howden
  • Silver – Boots in partnership with Mind Click  ( Boots have been successful before – find out how)
  • Silver – Compass Group and Kineo
  • Bronze – essential.genius
  • Bronze- Purple Media

Also shortlisted were e2train and AstraZeneca and Highfield e-learning in partnership with Marks & Spencer.

E-learning internal project team of the year

  • Gold- Crown Prosecution Service

Also shortlisted were BT Retail,Marton House & Care Quality Commission, Sky and Train4TradeSkills

E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – corporate

  • Gold- Sky in partnership with Brightwave

Also shortlisted were Information Transfer,NPIA/NCALT,SAM Learning GO!,

E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – individual

  • Gold – Mike Booth – Cable & Wireless

Also shortlisted were Steve Dineen – Fusion Universal,Nicolette Moreno – Open English and Rashida Mustafa – abcenglish

E-learning development company of the year

  • Gold (International) – Michael Management Corporation
  • Gold – Unicorn Training Group
  • Silver – Walkgrove

Also shortlisted were abcenglish,GlobalEnglish Corporation,Learnosity, Kineo,, Open English, QA and Wavelength

Find out more about the awards here.

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