If you are struggling with engaging leaders and keeping them up to date in your business, regardless of the sector you are in, Teachers TV has practical lessons for you.

Video is a great medium for providing quick self-paced updates and has long been used to support continuing professional development within many sectors. But how can it shift from being a tool for purely personal learning to a tool for stimulating discussion, facilitating coaching conversations, identifying areas for development and shared gathering of ideas?

This case study sets out the challenges, and shows how detailed audience research led to three key priorities for action. Engaging teachers in online CPD was tackled using face-to-face training to explain the online opportunities, which included the ability to quickly access and signpost the most relevant resources and a personal viewing log. 

Teachers TV promoted ‘Book Clubs’ to support informal learning and build communities of practice, and provided a wealth of resources for Clubs and their Coordinators. 

  • Established 5 years ago, Teachers TV has made over 4,000 programmes, featuring over 5,400 teachers and 2,500 schools.
  • The website has over 400,000 registered users and 100,000 videos are viewed each month.


Top tips for engaging staff in video-based learning

  • Don‟t assume that people will know what to do with video in the training context – keep suggesting ideas and share examples from practice.
  • For a time-poor workforce, opportunities to talk face-to-face are valuable in quickly drawing attention to what is out there and how it can help them do their job more easily.
  • Build relationships with key advocates who can help promote the programme benefits and answer user questions.
  • Ensure the content is directly relevant to job roles and is regularly refreshed with new material.
  • Allow learners to personalise their learning, record and reflect on their progress (and capture evidence of CPD if required)
  • Provide specialist resources for senior management and facilitators their directengagement and enthusiasm will influence others. 
  • Support the online learning with peer coaching and mentoring opportunities.
  • Provide regular, tailored content recommendations to keep people engaged – little and often is good.

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