Impact – Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning

by | Jan 15, 2010 | Articles

Elnet, the e-learning network of Australasia, launched a new journal on the 22nd of December 09, Impact – Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning.

The journal has been created to address the paucity of research publication avenues looking at workplace and organisational e-learning issues and this first issue.

The first issue addresses the theme of “Current issues and future directions in workplace e-learning: Mapping the research landscape”, All 14 articles in this ediction are freely available any member of the general public who registersfor a free account on the journal’s Web site.

We are very pleased that the Toward’s Maturity’s benchmark work on e-learning maturity in the workplace was accepted, following a nerve wracking blind review process! You can download the Towards Maturity article that was published in the journal below.

There is a wealth of material in this first edition from those we know well in Europe ( such as Richard Straub and Martyn Sloman) and from further afielid. The articles provide very useful insights into a  important areas such as executive evaluation of e-learning and it’s use in enaging small business as well as the learning developments acompanying the rapid collaborative changes that we are seeing in business at the moment.

The full list of refereed articles included in the first edition are:

  • Knowledge work in a connected world: is workplace learning the next big thing?
  • Learning and technology – what have we learnt?
  • Whose context is it anyway? Workplace e-learning as a synthesis of designer- and learner-generated contexts
  • Heutagogy and e-learning in the workplace: some challenges and opportunities
  • Connectivism: a theory for learning in a world of growing complexity
  • Exploring corporate e-learning research: what are the opportunities?
  • Enhancing the experience of e-learning among working students: a systematic review with thematic analysis
  • The use of e-learning in the workplace: a systematic literature review
  • E-learning maturity in the workplace – the benefits and practices
  • Optimising work-based e-learning in small and medium-sized enterprises: contemporary challenges
  • The [email protected] Socrates-Minerva Research Project 2005–2007: what did it do and what has happened with it since?
  • Workers researching the workplace using a work-based learning framework: towards an agenda for improving supervisory Practice
  • How do executives evaluate e-learning? A grounded theory study

We’d recommend that you take advantage of the fact that the first edition is free and take a closer look!

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