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Mark Shelmerdine of Lloyds Banking Group explains how their blended Destination PFA programme is benefiting the organisation

by | Jan 8, 2010 | Evidence for Change, Interviews

Following an internal review of their induction programme for ‘new to role’ Personal Financial Advisors (PFAs) Lloyds Banking Group (HBOS) knew that something needed to change.

New PFAS come from a variety of backgrounds, from experienced Financial and Banking Advisors to Milkmen and Personal Assistants, and it was important to start catering for all of their different learning needs. In order to gain qualified and competent PFAs at the end of the induction they began the ‘Destination PFA’initiative where the key to success would be training knowledge and skills as separate entities.

From the shortlisted e-learning awards submission, Mark describes in this Podcast, recorded in December 2009, how they identified the need, how they established the key criteria for developing the programme, the 6 topic areas that comprise their blended learning solution and finally the benefits that have resulted.

They identified 5 key objectives for the programme:

  1. Provide a programme that could be tailored to an individual’s needs
  2. Allow delegates to learn wherever and whenever was best for them
  3. Provide skills and knowledge that could be easily applied in the real world
  4. Design all of the programme in-house
  5. Provide cost savings

In less than a year Destination PFA has saved direct costs in the region of £500,000, and that doesn’t include the benefits of increased staff morale, lower staff turnover and higher productivity.

In this Podcast, Mark provides the following tips for others who may be facing a similar challenge:

  • Speak to past users to understand their experiences
  • Spend time on understanding the skills and knowledge that’s required to do the job and what’s needed
  • Explore what’s available in terms of technology and tools and consider what could be used
  • Don’t be restricted in your thinking or approach

There is also a complimentary case study available for those who’d prefer to read rather than listen!

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