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Oct 31, 2009 | Evidence for Change, Press Release

In September Towards Maturity launched a research programme called ‘Evidence for Change’ . This came about as a result of industry feedback to provide hard and fast facts to illustrate how learning technology can help to deliver greater efficiencies within the workplace and add real bottom line benefits to business.

We are gathering the stories in a number of ways:

  • The Towards Maturity team have been reviewing previous stories on site to pull out the facts and figures behind their success
  • They have also been working with businesses directly to help them quantify their benefits
  • Towards Maturity Community of Excellence partners are contributing their stories

Our aim is to provide a single place for evidence that will support learning and development professionals who are looking to build their own business case for change. But it is not only for TM’s readers, we are working with e-Learning Age Magazine to promote our findings through their Bringing Business Benefits campaign and will be sharing findings via the online communities of our partner organisations ( such as e-Learning Network, Learning and Skills Group and BILD).

Here is just a taster of some of our findings over the first few weeks of this work:
Evidence that learning technologies improve speed to competency

  • e—learning for Health  – Benchmark test groups highlighted that their blended learning approach reduced the time to bring newly qualified radiologists up to agreed competency levels  from 16 months to 7 months
  • The Priory group – Effective use of learning technologies in their Foundations for Growth has improved speed of induction – allowing new care homes to be opened in weeks rather than months. ( Foundations for growth has also saved approximately £9 million since inception, calculated from cost and time savings)
  • Identity and Passport Service – Opened 68 new offices, employing 600 new staff within time and achieving a return on investment of approximately 2:1
  • Coventry Building society- Technology allowed compliance training to be tailored to role reducing the time to prove competency and was £169,000 cheaper than previous methods

Improving sales

  • Ford Academy – Sales people completing the e-learning have recorded 2.4 additional car sales per year

Examples of Productivity Gains

  • Hilton – Overall, 71% of Hilton International employees have been able to save more than one hour per week because of their improved English skills made possible by online learning.

Carbon savings

  • Ncalt – serving the UK Police Forces – 40,000 online training activities per month represents a projected saving of £10.5 million per year. A saving ratio of 3.1:1, plus 100 tonnes per year carbon reduction by reducing travel and classroom-based delivery.

General efficiencies

  • Dental Channel – The savings for dentists for over 1,500 learner hours of interactive conferences that have been delivered probably exceeds £280,000.

We will be adding to this list over the coming months and would love to hear from you if you have evidence to share that will support other’s in engaging their business with new ways of learning!


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