Towards Maturity Benchmark for Third Sector

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The importance of skills in Third Sector organisations, together with their need to improve efficiency in the current economic climate has meant that a significant number of charities, not for profit and voluntary organisations are turning to learning technology to help deliver more skills but with less resources.

Towards Maturity has conducted comprehensive benchmark reviews with 700 organisations over the past 5 years to uncover effective e-learning practice that delivers results to both organisations and individuals.  The benchmark has been widely used by private and public sector and has proven critical for organisations looking at learning technology to help them deliver more for less in this economic climate.

n the 30th of September Towards Maturity,in partnership with the Charity Learning Consortium ,announced that they would adapt this benchmark review for the third Sector in order to provide a free opportunity for organisations to review their progress and compare their own e-learning implementation strategies with others from both within the Sector and beyond.

The resulting survey  turned out to be the biggest survey of learning technologies in the voluntary sector ever undertaken with more than 80 charities – representing more than 50,000 staff and volunteers – taking part. It revealed some interesting findings:

Learning technologies are helping charities to deliver more for less:
The top four benefits of adopting learning technologies are: improving flexibility of learning; improving access to learning; cutting costs and increasing reach – important to organisations often relying on part time staff spread countrywide.

Moving forward, they are expecting even more from their investment:
Over 2/3 of participants are looking for their investment in learning technologies to help increase staff retention; to improve training quality; to increase the number of qualified staff; to enhance the induction process; to reduce time spent learning; and to improve administration efficiency.

There is tremendous enthusiasm to adopt new approaches to learning:
72% say their internal learning teams are willing to embrace change.

More than 60% are looking to increase their allocation of budget in this area:
With the emphasis behind investment being more about improving learning delivery and its impact, rather than just finding a ‘cheaper option’.

You can read the full press release here ( released 16th March 2010).

The final report is free to download below (although you are requested to register to the Towards Maturity site first)

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