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Over the years, our research has highlighted that effective use of learning technologies can significantly improve business agility.

In our studies we see that organisations are increasingly reporting:

  • They can help get staff up and running faster
  • New IT systems are rolled out a faster
  • Customer satisfaction scores improve
  • Improvements in staff retention

And all this whilst saving time and money!

We know the potential for the effective use of learning technology can help to deliver greater efficiencies within the workplace and can also deliver value added benefits but specific examples about the benefits to both business and individuals on a case by case basis are hard to come by.

We have a number of great case studies across the Towards Maturity site but when you are looking for hard and fast facts to support your business case for change, you may need to access the evidence at your fingertips.

Towards Maturity Evidence for Change -Building the evidence base


Through our Evidence for Change initiative, Towards Maturity are looking to consolidate the current evidence base to provide a source of verified facts and figures about bottom line business benefits and efficiencies gained through the adoption of learning technologies.

Our aim is to provide a single place for evidence (both ours and others) that will support learning and development professionals who are looking to build their own business case for change.

All of the outputs of this project, including detailed case studies and ongoing research can be found by clicking on the Evidence for Change tag on this site.

Supporting Research:

  • The Towards Maturity Benchmark with over 2200 organisations since 2003
  • The Towards Maturity Impact Indicator – value identified from 200 organisations looking at efficiency ( cost, time and volume) and business agility ( responsiveness, time to competency and business impact).
  • Delivering Results report – 8 key business improvement themes identified by analysis of 48 case studies from the workplace.

We will also work with partners and supporters joining our voice to the wider industry voice across Europe. These include:

  •  European Learning Industry Group to share our findings through their Results Based Learning Initiative
  • The elearning Awards through our good practice partnership

Get involved

We are constantly adding new case studies and stories to our Evidence for Change Programme to both inform and inspire, acting as a mirror to help others review their own activity and to build more effective business cases and implementation plans.

We know that many of you have measured the success of your learning technology implementations and/or are aware of research that has helped you build the business case and we would really welcome it if you could get in touch with us via this site to share your story.

We have already started to gather some great stories and would love to hear and share yours as part of this programme. Specifically we are looking for examples of how organisations in the private , public and not for profit sectors have innovatively applied technology to learning to deliver that have provided a demonstrable improvement to business goals. We are interested in:

  • The business challenge  the organisation faced
  • The innovative learning solution introduced
  • The business achievements resulting from that solution which would include both business gains and efficiency gains:

Business gains may include as improved customer satisfaction, speed to competency, reduced attrition, success rates in qualifications, elapsed time prior to success in examinations, increased productivity, improved revenue, improvements in introducing new processes or change.

Efficiency gains may include, return from training expenditure, reduction in comparative costing, reduction in time to competency, reduction in time away from work. Quotes from Line Managers and Operational Managers give good impact to the story 

We have been gathering case studies through Evidence for Change since September 2009. This article was last updated October 2012.

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