Debby Robinson & Emma Kirkwood from Rotherham MBC discuss getting started with e-learning

by | Aug 25, 2009 | Interviews

Already published as a case study on our website, this Podcast with Debby Robinson & Emma Kirkwood from Rotherham Metrolitan Borough Council provides practical tips and guidelines for those who may be considering e-learning for the first time.

An employee survey had revealed a low awareness of HR policies and procedures with many staff and that the approaches of classroom based training and subsequently glossy ‘welcome packs’ used at that time were simply not working. With close to 7,000 staff, including over a 1,000 new starters every year, the council faced a key challenge.

With some modest past use of e-learning in the Council, they chose to develop an e-induction programme. In this Podcast Debby & Emma share:
  • The rationale behind the e-induction programme
  • How they created a corporate e-induction course complimented by specific pieces for each directorate
  • How Rotherham MBC established key criteria in selecting a partner
  • How they have worked to overcome resistance and some of the practical issues they faced

and finally,

  • Their thoughts and suggestions on what others should consider.

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