If you are wondering how to implement social learning in your organisation – how to get staff to share their experiences with their peers online – then it is well worth listening to the Learning Curve (BBC Radio 4 with Peter Day), which was broadcast on 30th July 09 as part of the In Business Series.

Click here to listen with the BBC iPlayer ( 28 mins).

In the programme, Peter Butler , Director of Learning at BT discusses why BT has gone down this route and shares practical lesson’s from implementing BT’s Dare2Share (you can also read about this progamme here).

Karie Willyerd, Chief Learning Officer and Charles Beckham, Chief Technologist at Sun Microsystems comment on their Social Learning Exchange and highlight how they help staff create content that can be easily found by others and how the programme was rolled out virally across the organisation.

Peter Day also explores the business drivers behind social learning, how it fits with more traditional approaches and some of the barriers. Peter Day’s blog commentary provides an intersesting discussion on the challenges this approach brings to corporate culture.

This is well worth a listen for anyone considering how they might harness the informal learning that is already taking place in their business.



Thank you to Eric Davidove for sharing the link with Towards Maturity.

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