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Performance Zone – the heart of online learning at Bupa

by | Jul 9, 2009 | Articles

Earning a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ for ‘Most Innovative Application of Learning Technology’ in the 2008 e-learning Awards, this case study explores how an innovative approach has connected ‘learning to performance’ at Bupa delivering benefits to individuals and the business.

When Bupa UK Membership Services wanted to refocus its online learning environment around performance for their 3,200 employees, they developed an innovative, next-generation portal, Performance Zone. The design concept was to be based on a model of “Think, Feel and Know” through staff sessions run by Bupa.
As an example of Next Generation Learning, Performance Zone uses Web 2.0 widget technology (A widget is anything that can be embedded within a page of HTML, i.e. a web page) to provide a uniquely personalised online learning environment. Aided by the widget-based portal, learners can customise their own view of Performance Zone, choosing the information and online learning they need to help them meet their personal performance goals.
Practical lessons from this story include:
  • Don’t be afraid to reinvent learning solutions to keep in line with learner expectations
  • Align e-learning content more closely to performance related goals
  • Be creative in aligning learning solutions to meet the needs of the organisation
  • Consider use of web 2.0 ‘widget’ technology to help learners personalise their own learning zone
To find out more read the full case study below.
You can also read more about another example of how Bupa have used technologies to role out new systems here.

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