Nick Shackleton_Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

by | Jun 22, 2009 | Interviews

The BBC is known for it’s award winning learning programmes and have shared many of their lessons with Towards Maturity readers.

Over the years they have developed their own brand of Learner Centred Design (LCD) to ensure a consistent quality, and flexibility to accommodate the BBC’s different-online training needs resulting in some great bespoke projects ( one example is here). They have pioneered social learning in the organisation to meet changing business needs (you can find out more from these interviews) and have recently won an award for their use of rapid e-learning in developing innovative leadership solutions.

In this interview , Nick Shackleton-Jones, Manager of online and informal learning at the BBC outlines his personal learning journey and highlights opportunities for continuing development for Learning and development professionals.

We discuss

  • What is driving change for the learning and development professional
  • How Nick’s role has changed over time
  • How technology is starting to affect the role of the traditional trainer?
  • How to keep skills up to date in an area that is changing so rapidly
  • Top tips for trainers to keep ahead of their game

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