Making Web Conferences Exciting

by | Jun 22, 2009 | Articles

Web conferencing is the growth area of learning technologies.

Why? One reason is that it is one of the fastest routes for classroom trainers and experts to start to use technologies in a way that helps them reach more people with less resources. (find out more)

The reality is that if you’re a classroom trainer, you won’t find it difficult to transfer your skills to working online, although you’ll probably benefit from a little training or coaching. You’ll find the experience of learning online a little strange at first, but you should be able to adapt many of your existing classroom methods to the online medium.

Phil Green of Onlignment gives you a list of the essential planning steps to take and, surprise surprise, they are what every good classroom trainer will be doing. So find out how to sharpen up your skills and those of those of others in your teams.

Here are some of the ideas Phil talks about:
• A well-designed outline which defined the flow of each session
• Learner participation and control
• Good script-writing and the effective use of notes and prompts
• Richly expressive language matching language to the audience in mood, tone, idiolect and register
• Lots of learner participation
• Sometimes subtle, sometimes extravagant tricks to capture and sustain attention
• Careful and creative use of suitable images
• Good quality audio used in harmony with text and imagery
• The very active participation of learners
• A controlled voice with clear -diction, excellent articulation and a wide range of modulation
• More learner participation
• Good breath control and microphone technique
• Including suitable amounts of interactivity of the right sort
• Making good use of questions and other forms of interaction
• Maintaining control and keeping time
And finally….

The three key ingredients seem to be participation, participation, participation; with a bit of good planning thrown in.

This is an entertaining article about an emerging and expanding technology. Web conferencing cuts costs, delivers faster roll out of business critical information, is surprisingly cheap to implement, reduces your carbon footprint, increases access to scarce expertise, is great for remote audiences, is really quick to create, brings management practices into line across virtual teams. Do it well and it delivers many benefits; do it badly and waste time and money. Read how to do it well from the trainer’s perspective.

As with all learning technologies our research shows maturity pays off; having the right skills is essential in doing the right thing in the right way. This article is an excellent start to acquiring the skills needed for web conferencing.


This article is published with kind permission of Onlignment.

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