Next Generation Learning at work in British Airways

by | May 21, 2009 | Interviews

Our latest interview with Wendy Stubbs, Learning Innovation Manager at British Airways looks at the  learning journeys that both she and BA have been taking over the last decade.

Learning technology not only provided efficiencies (with projects saving over 80% of cost compared with alternatives)but are now part of an integral offering available to a diverse global audience.

Wendy has been project managing e-learning within the organisation for over 9 years and now heads the Learning Innovation group at BA. In this interview she shares practical insights on:

  • How mandatory skills requirements kick started BA’s e-learning journey.
  • The Impact of 9/11 and how they leveraged the challenge to introduce a step change in learning.
  • Getting the best from multiple learning partners.
  • Measuring value.
  • Plans for new innovations using social networking ( andfirst practical steps on how to implement them).
  • Tips for those just getting started

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