High dropout rates can directly impact the effectiveness of elearning. This whitepaper, from e2Train addresses why learners fail to finish elearning courses and backs up our research findings over the years.
The Towards Maturity model for e-learning effectiveness looks at  6 strands of activities that successful organisations are more likely to engage with – the importance of alignment to business need, lunderstanding the earner and work context, building skills, engaging stakeholders and demonstrating value. 
This white paper provides practical tips, real-world examples and top 10 tips that illustrate aspects of the model , and will help organisations increase completion rates and add to the success of elearning within an organisation.
e2Train’s e-learning Completion Top 10:
1 Link training to performance reviews
2 Make managers accountable
3 Provide accreditations
4 Set time limits
5 Track performance
6 Ensure content is relevant
7 Provide formal rewards
8 Create a social dimension to e-learning
9 Launch a communications campaign
10 Tell them it’s important!
Thank you to e2train for agreeing to share this with us  – click here for the white paper. 

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