Building Business Performance with Social Media

by | Feb 26, 2009 | Interviews

The latest Towards Maturity benchmark report showed that new media such as podcasting , blogs and wikis are on the increase but what real business benefits are they bringing? With so many new tools and so little time available, how can we get started?


This interview with Jane Hart provides a helpful overview on where new media can add value to learning, setting a strategy for social learning, identifying some of the barriers and handy hints on getting started.

Jane Hart is a Social Media and Learning Advisor, who has a long track record of helping businesses and education understand how new technologies can be used for learning as well as to improve job and business performance. She currently focuses on helping organisations introduce social media into their learning and performance support initiatives.  Jane is also the Head of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT) – – where she provides a lot of free resources about e-learning and social learning, including her well-known Guide to Social Learning.

If you want to experience some of these technologies in a safe environment, why not join up to the C4LPT Social Learning Network – where you can  contribute to this Guide, as well as other collaborative projects and groups within the Network

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