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Developing your learning strategy – practical lessons for aligning learning to business

by | May 23, 2008 | Interviews

Clear alignment of learning strategy to business needs is a characteristic of mature e-learning implementations . However it is easy to talk about but difficult to achieve but the dividends are worth it.


Gordon Bull is someone who has made the change. He helped to transform the learning and development function in organisations such as Vodafone and American Express by introducing a new approach to setting learning strategy.

In this interview Gordon shares lessons from his experience in business and as a college principal to help anyone interested in improving the alignment of their learning provision to the employers that they support.

He discusses:

  •  Moving from being a course deliverer to a business partner – the organisational drivers
  • Business alignment – what to line up to and why
  • The importance of the ‘Line of sight’
  • The business benefits of an aligned learning strategy
  • Lessons for learning providers

Gordon has also published an article to help Towards Maturity subscribers set their own learning strategy

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