Clive Shepherd Podcast Part 1 (Audio)

by | Mar 19, 2008 | Interviews

The ‘Towards Maturity’ study confirms that ‘Mature’ organisations in the application of technology to learning report improved business productivity, had more motivated staff and an increased take up of learning.

One of the differences we’ve found is that these organisations have improved training function capability in terms of staff skills, willingness to change and their links with IT.

Exploring the competencies that learning & development professionals will require in the future was the basis for our recent Podcast with Clive Shepherd, a leading author and independent consultant in the field of e-learning.

Based on his extensive work in this area we were able to gain a fascinating insight from Clive in answering a number of key questions, such as:

• What are the major challenges facing L&D professionals in the future, particularly those with a specific focus on delivering skills in the workplace?
• Why is it important to keep skills up to date in a changing L&D work environment?
• What are the core competencies currently missing in existing L&D programmes, and why is it important to concentrate on these moving forward?
• What are the barriers to building these competencies in the L&D profession?
• What are the benefits to L&D professionals of learning the required new skills and competencies, and the consequences if they don’t?
• Where can L&D professionals go for help and/or to learn and understand more about how their skills and competencies will need to change?

This is the first of a 2 part interview – click here for part 2

This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission.

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