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ROI at Care UK explained by Malcom Bland (Video)

by | Feb 19, 2008 | Interviews

Care UK is a people oriented business with a focus on nuturing and care in the community. The leadership team had to be convinced that learning technologies could make a difference.

Malcolm Bland was able to demonstrate the impact of investment in Learning Technologies to  such an extent that it became a ‘no brainer’ for the leadership team to continue investment in this area.

Malcolm shares practical insights from his work with Care UK into the following areas

  • Gaining the mindset of leadership
  • Building an integrated strategy – how to get training
  • Overcoming buyers nerves with early deliverables to build confidence.
  • Pilots and local champions
  • Building existing datac ollection methods into programme
  • Run credible evaluation

This presentation was recorded at the Simply The Best seminar on the 30th of January this year. Thirdforce and Care UK won the Return on Investment project at  E-learning awards 2007 with the work at Care UK. The 4th Annual E-Learning Awards 2008 was formally launched at Learning Technologies on 30-31 January 2008.  Entries are now being invited

AUDIO only version of this presentation is also available

This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission.

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