Uniaid presentation from Alistair Lomax CEO(Audio)

by | Feb 15, 2008 | Interviews

Engaging learners is one of the toughest challenges but Uniaid and their learning partner Epic managed to attract over 2.3 million students. Uniaid is a student charity helping students manage their finance through a range of online games and tools.


In this brief presentation, Alistair Lomax, the CEO of Uniaid outlines their challenges and creative marketing approaches to engaging learners with their programmes.

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Uniaid and Epic received a special mention for widespread adoption in the E-learning awards 2007. The 4th Annual E-Learning Awards 2008 was formally launched at Learning Technologies on 30-31 January 2008.  Entries are now being invited

Video Version also available

This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission.

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