e-Learning for Healthcare Podcast Part 1(Audio)

by | Jan 29, 2008 | Interviews

Julia Moore, the National Director of e-Learning for Healthcare in the NHS, gives a fascinating insight into the use of e-learning in training Radiologists.  This implementation won the e-learning content award in November 2007.


 What have people said about this implementation?

The impact on trainees and trainers has been profound; this project has revolutionised training in radiology. It has enabled the delivery of nationally quality assured standardised training, an increase in the number of trainees and improvement in their service contribution.” (DoH).

“It has made training significantly easier because the trainees come to the sessions much better informed, they are much more enquiring. We start from a much higher level of knowledge before the tutorial begins.” (Radiology Academy Trainer)

“Infrastructure is fantastic and so are the resources … we are not spoon-fed but we have lots of highly structured training, lots of learning opportunities. You are not just reliant on hoping that your boss is good.” A learner

This is an example of excellent integration between the e-learning, assignments at work and time in the classroom, collaboration between trainers and designers, between senior management and the development team.

This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission.

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